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HVAC companies take hit in warm winter

Posted February 2, 2012
Updated February 3, 2012

The warm winter weather might be good for your electric bill, but some businesses are taking a hit from the absence of Old Man Winter.

Marty Kopack, a service technician with the heating and air-conditioning business Allen Kelly & Co. says that this time of the year there should be plenty of repair jobs on furnaces and heaters.

"But when it's 72 degrees and you can open your windows, you're not going to be running a lot of heaters," he said.

Across the board, Allen Kelly's business is down about 20 percent compared to previous winters, sales and marketing manager Brett Chappell said.

"We need the unit to operate in order to create more business," he said. "But it is what it is."

Raleigh Heating and Air has also seen a 20 percent drop, service manager Brian Barber said.

"This is probably one of the worst (winters for business) in a good while," he said.

It's been so bad, he said, that the company has had to temporarily lay off some workers. They are expected to be hired back in about a month.

"With the repair prices, a lot of people either don't have the money or they're not wanting to spend it because the winter is so mild," Barber said. "They're just trying to get through until summer." Warm winter hurts HVAC companies Warm winter hurts HVAC companies

That's why representatives with both companies say they are offering deals to attract customers. They say that with a mild winter, there is no better time to do a maintenance check and have someone like Kopack show up for a house call.

Kopack says that in the meantime, companies are using the downtime to send their technicians to get more training.

"I can honestly say it's been slow for all the service companies in town," he said.


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  • ConcernedNCC Feb 3, 2012

    Superman: You should name the company, so we all can avoid them...unless you're referring to Allen Kelly or Raleigh H&A.

  • Remy Feb 3, 2012

    "Keep cranking these stories out wral. Sensationalism at its finest."

    You and WRAL make great partners considering your need to sensationalize your comments on every weather and govmt story.

  • superman Feb 3, 2012

    They might do better if they make their labor more reasonsable. I paid about 1500 to replace my compressor in labor and they did it in 3 hours-one person. That amounts to $500 an hour. My wife and I are both in our 70's and it was so cold we just have to have some heat. We didnt have heat for over a week so we were more than desperate. He told us what the charge would be in advance so we knew what the bill was going to be. The compressor was free under our heat pump warranty. There was nothing we could do since he told us the charge in advance. They are on my "do not call" list.

  • Screw WrAl Feb 2, 2012

    They'll make up for it when the scorcher arrives. In about 2 months. AC units will crash all over the area. After the power does.

    Keep cranking these stories out wral. Sensationalism at its finest.