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Police investigate robbery, wreck, stabbing in north Raleigh

Posted January 15, 2012
Updated January 16, 2012

— Police were investigating a fatal stabbing, wreck and home invasion in north Raleigh Sunday to determine whether they were all related.

Shortly before 5 a.m., an apartment was invaded at 4901 Wallingford Drive, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Shakeerah Arrington, who lives at the complex, said two men broke in, robbed her, punched her in the eye and hit her 11-year-old son.

"I heard shatter. I got up because I heard my son yelling," Arrington said.

A few minutes later, a vehicle wrecked about a quarter mile away, in the 4900 block of New Hope Road.

An altercation near the crash site erupted a short time later, in which a man was stabbed, Sughrue said.

The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to WakeMed, where he later died.

Arrington said the man had stopped to help at the scene of the wreck.

"(He was) just being a good Samaritan, went to see them and they stabbed him," she said.

Raleigh police probe link between robbery, wreck, stabbing Raleigh police probe link in robbery, wreck, stabbing

Investigators were trying to determine whether the person or people involved in the robbery were also involved in the wreck or stabbing. Anyone with information about any of the three incidents is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 919-834-HELP.

New Hope Road was closed between Capital Boulevard and Louisburg Road for several hours Sunday morning while investigators were on scene.

No other information was released.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 18, 2012

    @meganjoann, If your neighborhood really wanted to stop crime there, it could. People know who the troublemakers are...where they live...where they hang out.

    It’s going to take work and guts. Praying to supernatural beings who allow this sort of thing to happen will do nothing but distract people from the job at hand.

    Get to work. Focus on the people.

    Form a neighborhood board & communicate with each other. Daily. That’s what we do. We immediately report suspicious cars, people and behavior to 911 and to our 500+ neighbors via email list.

    You can do this. Here’s a great place to get an online group started: groups.google.com

  • excalibur810 Jan 16, 2012

    face the facts, meganjoann917, the area that you live in is gang ridden...the murder of the man at your mailbox was gang related, the man accused released, because of gang intimidation toward other witnesses...and by the way, i HAVE lived here for 45+ yrs, and have seen first hand the down hill spiral that this whole area has taken...i have been broken into,in broad daylight and thankfully, i had an alarm system, that scared them away...i now keep a shotgun loaded, and if you come into my house, and i don't want there...your going back out on way or the other...it has gotten so bad, that i seriously would like to move out of wake county completely...

  • meganjoann917 Jan 16, 2012

    I am sick of hearing about how this neighborhood is just full of bad people. I've lived here for over 5 years, in the apartment complex right across from where this happened. Yes, there are some bad people, but the individual who was stabbed was a GOOD SAMARITAN who just so happens to be from this area as well.
    avnvideo- The building did burn down before the tornados, but another building in the same apt. complex (where i reside) burned down completely in March 2010. That building is currently being re-built. It takes time and money to re-build a burnt building.
    johnnyboy- The murder of that man was at my mailbox, the entire neighborhood was enraged, only ONE person committed that crime, not the whole neighborhood.

    Please, let's keep this focus on the victims of the robbery and stabbing. A young man lost his life. Focus on praying for him and his family before you go and criticize the morals and good/bad nature of the individuals in this neighborhood in general.

  • storchheim Jan 16, 2012

    "If Arrington just got robbed, how does she know anything about a car wreck? Did she know the people? See the car? How does she know ANYTHING about the guy who got stabbed?

    Something doesn't add up here." - beaupeep

    Beaupeep, I asked the same thing, and my comment was removed around noon today.

  • avnvideo Jan 16, 2012

    The old Pavillion at Myrtle Beach was closed and bulldozed for the reason of bad activity in the area of the amusement park

  • ndzapruder Jan 16, 2012

    BubbaDuke- That was perfectly hilarious. Anything more would've been too much. Anything less would've robbed it of its completeness. *Handshake*

  • turkeydance Jan 16, 2012

    excal...i used to live @ Spring Forest Apts around that time, too.
    haven't been that way during this millennium. too bad about the decline.

  • sky pilot Jan 16, 2012

    Thanks to channel 11 news for much better coverage of the story"

    two different reporters; each with a different take on the story. The other reporter says they have three folks in custody...stay tuned

  • avnvideo Jan 16, 2012

    there are alot of older nice family neighborhoods off new hope road,unfortunatly a few years back greedy builders and apt owners brought in alot of undesirable renters in the areas and now look at what happened.

  • TITAN4X4 Jan 16, 2012

    "If Arrington just got robbed, how does she know anything about a car wreck? Did she know the people? See the car? How does she know ANYTHING about the guy who got stabbed?"

    Something doesn't add up here.

    Nowhere in the artice does it state she " Arrington" knew about the accident or stabbing