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UNC hopes classroom posters will help in case of emergencies

Posted January 11, 2012
Updated January 12, 2012

— The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hopes bright yellow posters will help clarify for students and faculty what to do in cases of emergency.

The university is posting the signs in classrooms across campus after confusion last fall when it activated emergency sirens twice in one day for separate tornado warnings.

Chief Jeff McCracken, director of UNC's Public Safety Department, said in an article posted on UNC's website that the confusion had to do with the timing of the sirens, which was near the beginning or end of classes.

It was also the first time the sirens were used for a real potential emergency, he said.

The posters outline what to do when the sirens sound for a significant emergency or immediate health or safety threat.

The university cites violence at Virginia Tech last month and other campuses as another factor for the posters and for the need to know what to do before an emergency happens.

Heightened campus security and safety isn't new for the school. In 2008, it implemented the Alert Carolina emergency notification system as a way to quickly inform faculty and students about campus threats.

The system came on heels of another shooting in at Virginia Tech in 2007, in which 32 people were killed.


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  • TeenDAD Jan 11, 2012

    They need to use crayons and very simple words on these posters.
    Just another bad guy
    January 11, 2012 4:14 p.m.

    Its UNC not State.

  • Just another bad guy Jan 11, 2012

    They need to use crayons and very simple words on these posters.

  • anne53ozzy Jan 11, 2012

    Make fun of it however it is clear that the written word, posted boldly, will have an impact as so few people see these these days. I think it is a good and sound response. So much is on the phones and computers that are irrelevant to students and staff. I applaud the universtity for taking this approach.

  • carrboroyouth Jan 11, 2012

    Sadly it was necessary. When the sirens went off due to a tornado warning, my professor kept teaching until an angry admin came in and demanded that we go to the basement. I was amazed at his apathy towards a tornado! The classroom was nearly surrounded by windows, too. I am glad for the posters.

  • ICTrue Jan 11, 2012

    A stroke of genius! UNC does it again.

  • dmccall Jan 11, 2012

    BREAKING NEWS...UNC is putting up posters!