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Body found near home of missing Four Oaks man in Richmond

Posted January 8, 2012

— Richmond police said Sunday that a man's body has been found in the James River canal in Richmond, Va., not far from the apartment of a Johnston County native who has been missing since last month.

Matthew Henry Williams, 23, recently graduated from Campbell University and moved to Richmond in late November for a job with Wells Fargo.

"He was new in the neighborhood," said Margaret Schwartzberg, Williams' neighbor in Four Oaks. "He just wanted to make friends. He was making money and he was spending it and buying drinks for people."

On Dec. 13, investigators believe Williams left a nightclub, went to his apartment with three men and left about an hour later. Two hours after that, surveillance cameras caught two of the same men breaking into the apartment and stealing a television and video game system.

Body found in Richmond canal could be Johnston man Body found in Richmond canal could be Johnston man

Williams has not been seen since.

"He was always a happy-go-lucky kid. That's all. He was always in a good mood. He always had a smile on his face," Schwartzberg said. "This shouldn't have happened to him."

Three men were arrested in connection with the break-in and police said they are persons of interest in Williams' disappearance. Tre S. Carrington, 24, Erik S. Finger Jr., 22, and Andrew L. Scott, 21, were each charged with felony conspiracy to commit burglary.

Police said that two people found the body, which has not been positively identified, on Saturday. 

Williams' family is anxiously waiting for news, Schwartzberg said.

"It's tearing everybody apart," she said. "We want to help and we don't know what to do."


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  • Workingrepublican Jan 9, 2012

    ok....once we conclusively determine they committed the crime lets throw the electricity to them and end there life like they did his..If they only committed breaking and entering and stole things let remove an arm...lesson learned..crime drops..

  • storchheim Jan 9, 2012

    I realize I'm drawing conclusions and mean no disrespect to this innocent and well-liked young man, but I want to say this:

    Please, regardless of your age but especially if you're young and naive, be careful in choosing your acquantainces. Do not leave bars with people you've just met unless it's to get a cup of coffee in a public place, and take your own car - ALONE. Do not tell them where you live. Be very careful about what you tell them about your job and finances.

    And if something seems "off" to you, listen to your gut and get out of the situation quickly and with a lie if necessary; don't worry about being "nice".

    Men, here's proof that it's not just women who have to be careful. From the story it sounds as if he invited some guys he'd just me back to his apt, where they murdered him and came back to steal his stuff.

    We read about evil people every day and they walk among us.

  • fwright1976 Jan 9, 2012

    Shouldnt the breaking news headline read: Foul play is not being ruled out...instead of Foul play is not suspected? How could they know that so soon??

  • nanasix Jan 9, 2012

    God needed an angel. God Bless his family and friends. This is not an easy thing to endure....been there too.

  • not my real name Jan 9, 2012

    Again, the lack of respect for human life is deeply disturbing. RIP dude. May your family find peace and may justice be done in your name.

  • mchljam2 Jan 9, 2012

    Prayers of comfort for his family. So very sad!

  • LOC Jan 9, 2012

    That is soo sad. May he rest in peace..

  • sammyg Jan 9, 2012

    May he rest in peace now. Unfortunately, it seems like evil is taking the upper hand these days...

  • avidreader Jan 9, 2012

    My heart aches for this family. I can not imagine what they have been going through.

  • rescuefan Jan 9, 2012

    What a sad story.