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Teen driver charged with DWI in fatal Raleigh wreck

Posted January 7, 2012
Updated January 8, 2012

— A 16-year-old Millbrook High School student faces several charges, including felony death by motor vehicle and driving while impaired, after his 17-year-old passenger was killed in a car wreck over the weekend.

Elizabeth Molloy, also a Millbrook student, died just after 2 a.m. Saturday after, 16-year-old Garrett Prince, lost control of his 1999 Jeep SUV near the intersection of Rainwater Road and North Ridge Drive in Raleigh.

A wreck report states that the Jeep was traveling 75 mph in a 30 mph zone, and witnesses said they saw the SUV run up on the curb, hit a mailbox and then crash into a tree.

Prince, who was treated for injuries at WakeMed, also faces charges of provisional DWI, careless and reckless driving, having an open container of spirituous liquor, speeding and possession of marijuana.

He was in the Wake County jail Saturday evening under a $26,000 bond. His first court appearance was scheduled for Monday.

Meanwhile Saturday, Millbrook students and friends gathered at the crash site for a candlelight vigil to remember Molloy.

Friends honor Raleigh teen killed in crash with vigil Vigil remembers Raleigh teen killed in crash

Best friend Erin Plummer, who had been with Molloy and Prince at a restaurant hours earlier for dinner, said Molloy wanted to go to Harvard University and dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

She said she knew her friend would have wanted people to smile.

"(I) know Liz would be down here wearing glitter, right now, because that's just who she is," Plummer said. "She'd want us to be happy. She's the most outgoing, happy person I know."

Mourners released a balloon in Molloy's memory.

"There was so much love here tonight, and just all around," Plummer said. "That's just a little symbol for our love for her."

Jared Sink, who lives in the neighborhood, witnessed the crash and pulled Malloy from the burning SUV, returned to the crash scene for the vigil to show his support.

"I think it says we respond strongly and support each other," he said.

Awakened by the crash, he and other neighbors rushed to help the teenagers.

"Fire had already started under the vehicle," Steven Hughes said.

"I went up there and got my water hose and started spraying," added John Dew.

Dew called 911, while Sink said a prayer.

"(It's) just absolutely tragic," Sink said. "To all the young people out there, there's no taxi that's more expensive than someone's life."

Grief counselors will be available to Millbrook High students Monday morning, Wake County schools Superintendent Tony Tata said Sunday.

"The Millbrook High community and all of us in the Wake County Public School System were saddened to learn of the death of one of our students, Elizabeth Molloy, and the injury of another in a vehicle crash early Saturday morning," he said in a statement. "All of our thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and loved ones."


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  • mfarmer1 Jan 9, 2012

    A 16 Year Old Out At 2 a.m., that's got to be a mistake

  • MudLife Jan 9, 2012

    So sad that an innocent life was lost. Theres no way i would've gotten in the car with someone drinking i would've drove and if he didn't let me i'd called for another ride home. And a 16 y/o drinking? Where did he get the alcohol from? Someone had to give it to him or buy it for him!

  • Sherlockholmes Jan 9, 2012

    So many things were just wrong here

    This kid was a train wreck just looking for a place to happen

    You can't know what your kids are doing every minute of the day but I think the parents should be held accountable for this 16 year old walking felony.

  • krazikatt2 Jan 9, 2012

    "you missed the point again. the point was 'why do they even drink the mess to begin with'. it'd be different it was a so delicious; then you might could see the appeal, but to drink something awful just becuase it's the "cool" thing to do is plain stupid." JAT---I wonder the same thing about smoking..but many kids are stupid and do that too (I did when I was young but thankfully quit)

    This is just a terrible thing to read. I lost several friends back in HS from DWI related accidents. I always acted as designated driver and honestly still do. So many people of all ages, professions, and intelligence levels get a little alcohol into their blood and suddenly are invincible and believe the fantasy that they can do anything safely behind the wheel. Just tragic. We have SOOOO many DWI/DUI accidents in this area. Maybe it is time to start holding the bars and liquer stores liable as well. They did that in MO and the rate dropped! AND the person who gave this kid the alcohol too!

  • leo-nc Jan 9, 2012

    "Why has the RPD not charged Prince's parents? He is a minor and they are responsible for him. I think this is one of the best cases I have ever seen that screams "Death Penalty."--

    Charge them with what? Failure to do right? Have you bothered to have an understanding of the laws in this State before posting this?

  • Da Toy Maker Jan 9, 2012

    "My wife an I had a understanding with our kids and their friends, @ anytime of day or night, one phone call WILL get you home safe. NO lectures also no condoning the behavior, but also about just being responsible. This worked very well,we ALL think we know our kids so well, and (not my kid) but sometimes even the best make bad decisions at times. Parenting is hard, hard work, but keeping an open dialogue is what is required...

    That is exactly what my friends set with their two kids. Totally agree with you. I'm just fortunate enough who have a teen that doesn't drink. He is allergy to alcohol as I'm.

  • OSX Jan 9, 2012

    This is so sad. Liz was a wonderful girl who stayed over night at our house sometimes. She was a pleasure to be around and I was fortunate enough to get several hugs from her. This is absolutely horrific and I am having a hard time with her death. Such a sad day.

  • TWM Jan 9, 2012

    It is a tragedy but I really wish people would quit dissing the young man. You really shouldn't drink and drive but she is as guilty as he is for getting in the car with someone intoxicated.

  • JAT Jan 9, 2012

    Jeremiah - then we need to stop accepting that as fact and work to change it. Of course, it has to change with parental teachings and as long as they're as bad as they are, there's no hope of them giving different advice to their kids.

  • Jeremiah Jan 9, 2012

    "For the life of me, I can't figue out why Teenagers have to drink to feel all grown up. I was 25 before I ever drank even a beer. The stuff tastes aweful, so whats the big deal about getting wasted all the time. Heck, I want to remember when I have a good time"

    that's called "your opinion". more 18+ have drank alcohol than haven't. It's going to happen. Hopefully they just won't get behind the wheel.