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Henderson teen tells 911 dispatcher: 'I just shot the man'

Posted January 2, 2012
Updated January 3, 2012

— A 14-year-old Henderson boy calmly described in a 911 call how he shot an intruder in a home invasion last week.

"I just shot the man. He came around the corner. I shot him. He broke the whole glass out (of the back door)," the teen told the 911 dispatcher.

Authorities said Anthony Henderson Jr. 19, broke into the home at 586 S. Lynnbank Road on Thursday while the teen and his 17-year-old sister were home.

The boy told the dispatcher that Henderson pointed a handgun at him, but Vance County Sheriff Peter White said deputies found no weapon on Henderson.

Henderson stumbled outside after being shot and was found dead on the lawn.

Deputies have charged Andrew Terry, 23, of 113 N. Woods Drive, with felony breaking and entering, conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and injury to real property in the case. They also are searching for two other men – Seneca Henderson, 20, of 907 S. Beckford Drive, No. 134, and Jatwaun Davis, 21, of 199 Belle Russell Road.

The boy's sister called 911 to report that someone was banging on the door trying to get in. She said she was hiding in her bedroom closet but told the dispatcher that her brother had a gun.

After the brother got on the phone, the dispatcher ordered him to put down his shotgun.

"I don't know how many it was (who broke in). Just one came around the corner. I got one more in the chamber. I'm going to shoot again," the boy said.

"Do not, while I’m on the phone, do not fire that firearm, OK?" the dispatcher said.

"What if another one comes in the house, ma'am?" he asked. Sky 5 coverage of fatal Henderson home invasion 911 call provides details of fatal home invasion

"Let me know, OK, if you see anybody. I will let you know (when a deputy gets to the house)," the dispatcher responded.

As the boy and his sister waited for deputies to arrive, he told the dispatcher that he was "perfectly fine," but his sister was "really shaken up."

The boy even asks about the condition of the intruder.

"He's still outside. He's unconscious. I'm not sure if he's still living or not," the dispatcher said. "They only found one outside. Are you not sure how many it was?"

"I'm not sure how many it was, but when I shot, I didn't hear anybody running," he said.

No charges are expected against the teen for firing on Henderson. North Carolina's Castle Doctrine law, updated on Dec. 1, allows homeowners to assume intruders mean them ill whether they have a weapon on not.

The family has declined to comment since the shooting.


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  • woodybeez Jan 11, 2012

    to all of you who talk about the emotionless boy. let me tell you something, my house was broken into and i was not emotionless. i was down right MAD. to say the least. let one start in now if i am at home HE will be dead meat. thank god the republicians passed this law. i am sure the democrats hate it. liberal way of thinking. everyone should have the right to protect their live and their property. those 4 were to do harm.

  • wildcat Jan 11, 2012

    I do not believe the young man should be charge. He was protecting himself and his sister. He had that right. The perpetrator had no business being on the property at all. He was not invited. May all breaking and entering criminals learn from this. People are not playing with you when you decide to enter into their home uninvited.

  • Lightfoot3 Jan 11, 2012

    "remember that everyone does not react the same to trauma." - tcbnashville

    This is SO true! And why I hate it when prosecutors try to use emotional reaction, or the lack of tears, or the seemingly lack of sincerity in court cases. Everyone reacts differently so I think such subjective testimony should be barred.

  • SmokeWagon Jan 11, 2012

    ..."As much as it’s a waste of my time I’ll ONCE AGAIN point out that the kid had a gun and could easily have held the miscreant at bay till the cops came." - fayncmike..."

    Yes...your statement IS (as you say) a "waste of time"....YOU are assuming that the miscreant would make a well adjusted, conscience decision about his OWN health and safety facing a 14 year old kid....after ALREADY demonstrating (by
    breaking and entering) that he had a complete disreguard for the law, the well being of the occupants and the property owners rights....!!

  • tcbnashville Jan 6, 2012

    By the way for all that are commenting on the boy being emotionless during the 911 call....remember that everyone does not react the same to trauma. I have many friends that have this laid back attitude reguardless of what is going on in the world. His calmness probably saved his and his sister's life. And when was the last time many of our children said "yes ma'am" to a person of authority? Praying for this family to get past this, as well as for the family of the deceased. Neither should ever have had to be put in this situation....

  • tcbnashville Jan 6, 2012

    While I respect human life to to fullest degree, if someone were breaking into my home, I would consider that "ill-will" in a second. It is not about the stuff they could take, but that now a days those that commit these crimes don't have any reguard for human life. Guys, teach your teenagers how to use your shotguns if you have them in your homes. Kudos not only to the young man, but to whoever showed him how to use the gun.

  • dmatea012 Jan 5, 2012

    faynmike: Four suspects and one 14 yr.old with a gun. Who knows if all four of them had a gun or not? You must be dreaming to think the 14 yr. old could keep them long enough for the Law Officers to arrive. You should go watch your cartoons insead of writing nonsense in comments. Maybe or maybe not you can understand cartoons. Signed, Drucilla Matea

  • moore1915 Jan 4, 2012

    That is one that we will not have to keep up in the court and jail system. Kudos for the young man of only 14.

  • westernwake1 Jan 4, 2012

    "What do you think those men would have done to them? They could have easily beat them to death."

    Actually in 64% of the home invasion cases between 2008 and 2010 in North Carolina; the invaders execute any innocent unarmed residents found in the home. This statistics set includes cases where the home is not being used for drugs (or other criminal enterprises), the criminal(s) enter the main dwelling (not a garage or outbuilding), and the criminal invaders are armed with a gun while the innocent residents are inside.

    There have been numerous stories in the media demonstrating this over the past few years.

  • SummerVivian Jan 4, 2012

    I am glad that these two teenagers are safe. I don't understand why people are so upset that this teenage boy shot one of the intruders, it was four men breaking into their home, last time I checked people don't break into home to play video games and eat ice cream. What do you think those men would have done to them? They could have easily beat them to death.