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Wake deputy kills dog while searching for runaway teen

Posted December 29, 2011
Updated December 30, 2011

— A Wake County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a couple’s 3-year-old dog Wednesday night while searching for a runaway teenager.

John and Linda Super say two deputies came to their home on King Circle, looking for a 15-year-old neighbor who had run away and had often spent time with them.

One of the couple’s dogs, Elvis, forced his way out the front door and ran outside as the couple talked to the deputies, they said. One of the deputies shot Elvis twice, including once in the back of the head, killing him, according to the Supers.

“All we’ve got is a dead dog and a lot of questions that need answers,” Linda Super said. “(Elvis) came running out, never bothered a soul, never opened his mouth, never woofed or nothing when he came out the door.”

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said the deputy, Roderick Belfield, said the dog was barking and running towards him. Belfield will not be punished for shooting the dog.

“Nobody wants to shoot a dog, but things like this are going to happen,” Harrison said. “Please put yourself in the deputy’s position. If you had been standing there, what would you have thought when the dog comes out charging towards you?”

Harrison said he is investigating whether Belfield or the other deputy, Kenneth Edward Kay, used profanity while subduing John Super, who was upset after the shooting. John Super says the deputies were rough with him.

Deputies shoot dog in search for missing teen Deputies shoot dog in search for missing teen

One of the runaway teen's guardians said Elvis was "vicious" and had lunged for the deputy, something the Supers dispute.

“(Elvis) was my fourth child,” Linda Super said. “He was like the center of our lives.”

As for the missing teen, he was found safe and is staying with his biological mother.


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  • voidmain Jan 2, 2012

    I wish i could say that this is one of the worse stories i have read in a long time however, this kind of action is becomming all to common, lately. There is no excuse for the actions this "Deputy of the Law" has shown. There are two word that came to mind when i read this: inexcusable, and murder. And that is exactly what this was... murder! We need to put a stop to the line of thinking that brought this Deputy to murder a pet that had done nothing wrong. We need to push for better training to ensure that no more pets are murdered by the people that are supposed to be protecting the public. I am in Afghanistan fighting for the rights that so many take for granted. I wish those same rights were extended to our beloved pets, the ones that have no voice of their own. I have signed the petition AnimalAdvocate posted below, and all of us need to do what we can to save the pets we care so much about.

  • animaladvocate13 Jan 2, 2012

    To all of those in support of Elvis please sign this petition that me and a few rescue group friends have started for Elvis against Wake County Sheriffs Department.
    To those spewing venomous comments against this family, this dog. Shame on you. This could be your pet. I work with animal rescues here in NC, to NY, NJ and CA. I am trying to get the word out on this story so that Elvis wasn't murdered in vain, but that his death may prevent another dog from falling victim to deputies that prove lax in their training, their morals and to enlighten a Sheriff, that he needs to stop sweeping his deputies wrong doing under a rug.

  • kidsgreatmom Dec 30, 2011

    Get the record straight , i'm the neighbor and i witnessed this horriable crime.Elvis didn't jump or growled at this officer, he didn't have a agressive bone about him any that new him new that for the people that have said so not nice things i say to them you don't know.Elvis was a trained dog he didn't wander of go to other yards.They the didn't ask for this there are 65 years old 1000o'clock at night that dog like any dog will bark at that time of night.Plus boxers teeth are bad they either don't have any on top or bottom.The teen that they were looking for played with him all the time if he was a visious dog why did the parents let him go up there???????They never went to there house they don't know,My 3 years old neice played with if he was visious would i let her do that.common sense people.as of tonight Elvis body was duged up and off to the vets office to be autopsy and they remains will be creamated and he will be back home.He should have never this earth it was too soon

  • WooHoo2You Dec 30, 2011

    shot by a rogue cop trained by Harrison. Donnie Harrison is training his cops to be militant activists, not deputies of the law.- RB Spirit of Xmas Warrior Woman

    "rogue cop?" Do you know him or were you there? "militant activists?" Where do you get that from?

    I (nor you) were there and cannot begin to claim we know what went down.

  • gallbury Dec 30, 2011

    Obviously the last part of my post was cut off. It should have read, "they too, are liable for any criminal offense that they committ."

  • Mitt from Mexico Dec 30, 2011

    " The deputy shot the god because he believed the dog was going to attack him. " - The2ruthHurts

    The deputy was on private property, without a warrant, and not invited by the property owner. This dog was on the owner's private property and was shot by a rogue cop trained by Harrison. Donnie Harrison is training his cops to be militant activists, not deputies of the law.

    How many of you have dogs that would bark at someone who they don't know? Most dogs will also run to someone on their territoty - and most are not aggressive, but just being friendly. The deputy intruded on private property which was the dogs home - and was out of bounds for killing an innocent animal.

  • gallbury Dec 30, 2011

    There is a bottom line to every story, fable and tale; this one is no different. The deputy was on someone elses property; not by invitation, or by reason of any criminal offense, suspected or committed, by the property owner; the deputy stopped to ask a question, and while he was there, violated the owner's rights by killing the owner's dog; unprovoked. Now Donnie Harrison needs to step up and fire the deputy in order for justice to be served. Now for those of you who wish to rant and rave about the dangers of being in law enforcement, etc; let me remind you that career law officers take those jobs by "choice." They are not drafted against their wills or forced into indentured servitude; therefore, it all comes under job description, and for those very reasons, most people (mysef included) choose not to be a deputy or police officer. And while I have great respect for the job they do, "they" are not above the law simply by virtue of enforcing it. They too, are liable for any criminal

  • nccrew Dec 30, 2011

    Some of you people need to get a grip on reality!

    I suppose the deputy should have questioned the dog and given verbal commands before shooting.
    I'm a Wake County Deputy - WOOF WOOF, BARK BARK!

  • WooHoo2You Dec 30, 2011

    This has to be a record. Is WRAL going to run this story right into 201-smbiz

    I just can't believe wral has not retitled the story and 'reset' the comments yet!

  • The2ruthHurts Dec 30, 2011

    "Everyone just bow down to The2ruthHurts. From the way he tells it we owe him everything and we should be thankful to him alone for being so humble for protecting us."

    I appreciate the gesture, but it is not necessary. You do not owe me anything, just pay it forward. I am a humble person and that is why I aim to not outright ridicule so many on here who speak out of ignorance. I rather try and give them another way of looking at things or just get them to back off. I am also willing to see it from another's perspective. I am not always right. I don't protect you. That is your job. I protect myself.

    You will not see me making assertive remarks on subjects I have no clue on. I will make comments on issues I can back up with more than personal experiences and biased emotions. That is what adult does when entrenched in a debate.