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Mother of four killed in Christmas Eve crash

Posted December 26, 2011
Updated December 28, 2011

— A 28-year-old woman killed Christmas Eve in a single-vehicle wreck leaves behind four small children and a mourning family.

Troopers say Clifton Alston told them he was arguing with his wife, Jessica, as they left a family gathering Saturday night.

Their car veered off Axtell Ridgeway Road, near U.S. Highway 1 in Norlina, then hit a ditch and overturned. Neither person was wearing a seat belt, and both were thrown from the car, according to Sgt. Chuck Taylor of the state Highway Patrol.

Jessica Alston died of her injuries, and her husband, 33, survived. The couple has four children. None of them were in the car.

Jessica's mother, Bettie Samuel, said she is devastated. "Jessica is my only child. That's my only child," she said. 

"I'm trying to hold up," Samuel said. "It's just hard."

Jessica Alston Young mother dies in single-car crash

Further details, including who was driving the car, weren't clear. Troopers did say that careless driving was the cause of the wreck and that alcohol was not a factor.


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  • itsmyownopinion Dec 27, 2011

    How very sad -- another one of those 'didn't have to happen'
    wrecks. I don't call them accidents when drivers take off like a shot out of a cannon. If she was driving, she should have thought of her kids, and if he was driving and is blaming it on her, then shame on him and he sould be honest and face the consequences of any charges. My heart goes out to the children and the mother who lost her only daughter.

  • jetset Dec 26, 2011

    Very sad. Don't you know that her husband feels terrible?

  • nanasix Dec 26, 2011

    God Bless the children and the mother's parents.

  • traipsingthru Dec 26, 2011

    driving while angry, the seatbelts may have been omitted because of the anger. it is good practice to refuse to drive your vehicles and equipment while angry. your autos will last longer, and you may survive.

  • Faux Hemingway Dec 26, 2011

    Please where your seat belts N.C. It might not be the safe all-end all, but it yields a greater statistic for survival. I hate reading about familys torn in two involving vehicle collisions. If you don't want to wear it, then wear it for someone else. Anyone. You don't want to end up on WRAL with that one liner, "Driver was NOT wearing a seat belt." And I surely don't want to read about my fellow North Carolinians passing away on WRAL anymore, at the hand of a split second decision to wear a simple safety belt. My thoughts and prayers are with this family, and I will continue to do my best to convince folks to put it on, and drive safe.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 26, 2011

    Oops! I hate it when the computer makes an error! Or, I should say, the keyboard!

    That should have read: .....My neighbor was in a single vehicle wreck that killed her and her little boy. There were not two of her!


  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 26, 2011

    That's so sad, especially here at Christmas and having four children left behind.

    New Year's Eve, 2000, my neighbor was in a single vehicle wreck that killed her and her and her little boy.


  • Walkin Man Dec 26, 2011

    I know seat belts can be a pain sometimes, but they do save lives. If you don't want to do it for yourself, then think of your family - and do it for them.

  • dapdave321 Dec 26, 2011

    Who the fudge doesn't wear a seatbelt in 2011? R.I.P.

    I feel bad for the kids. Hope they will be okay.

  • dollibug Dec 26, 2011

    So very sad that having an argument caused such a tragic death....I guess this man now will be raising 4 children by himself....nothing was so important as to cause another person's death....