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Cumberland deputies seek clues in Hope Mills woman's death

Posted December 21, 2011

— Cumberland County deputies set up a checkpoint Wednesday in an effort to obtain leads in the recent death of a Hope Mills woman.

The body of Edwardyne "Dynee" Williams, 50, was found in some woods off Canady Pond Road on Dec. 11. Authorities haven't released a cause of death but said they are treating it as a homicide.

Williams was last seen on Nov. 27, and her abandoned SUV was found Dec. 4 along Chicken Foot Road, about 2 miles from her home.

Canady Pond Road at Chicken Foot Road Leads sought in slaying of Hope Mills woman

Family members said her purse was found hanging on a nearby tree, and her house keys and cellphone were in the vehicle. The ignition key for the SUV was missing, they said.

The sheriff's office set up a mobile command post at a Marathon gas station at the intersection of Canady Pond and Chicken Foot roads, hoping to find someone who might have seen something that could help investigators crack the case.

"We're giving them an opportunity to come down and give us any information that they have," Lt. Bobby Reyes said. "They feel safe in their own territory, in their own environment, so they don't have to come down to the sheriff's office and be seen there."

Investigators said they have already gone door-to-door in the area and planned to knock on more doors Wednesday.

"We've interviewed several people in the neighborhood, in the area, people in other states, family members that have come down for the funeral," Reyes said.

Because investigators haven't disclosed a motive for the slaying or identified any possible suspects, area residents are uneasy.

"I was scared to go out at night by myself. My teenage son refuses to let me even come toward the Gray's Creek area – or my husband," resident Stephany Foster said.

"Not knowing what happened to her or anything like that," resident Pennie Council said, "(I'm) locking my doors, locking my windows and everything."


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  • same ole story Dec 21, 2011

    Wow I just saw the clip with this police enforcement leaders... No wonder they haven't found any clues yet... They don't have a clue.

  • doubletrouble Dec 21, 2011

    It baffles me, how one human being can do this to another human being. It is just senseless. Then if caught, they plea their way down so they have 3 hot meals and a cot a day. It is time to quit giving these criminals a free ride and just rid the planet of them. Our revolving door justice system is a joke. Personally, they should bring back public hanging. I am so sorry for this family's loss and hope the killer is brought to what we half/hearted call, a justice system.

  • junkdrawer75 Dec 21, 2011

    cherylannbird - get YOUR facts straight! Yes, her daughter did post a comment in this very same forum saying the reports were wrong that in fact her mother was very depressed. Nonetheless, her depression has nothing to do with her murder now does it?

  • nanasix Dec 21, 2011

    Quit downing the PD, they can't tell everything they know, and are continuing to gain leads and info that could help solve this horrible crime. God Bless the family.

  • Makami Dec 21, 2011

    The police must know something about the cause of death, which is why they are treating it as homicide. So why is everyone focusing on her being depress??????????

  • Jinmyname Dec 21, 2011

    I hope for these girls they find out who did this. Heart broken for them.

  • Valerie1 Dec 21, 2011

    Her daughters did not say she was depressed, they lost their father a year ago and said they had not seen any signs of depression as the anniversary of their father approached. So many things get twisted,people need to pay attention & know the facts.Hopefully someone saw something or knows something & will find out what happened!!

  • lauren329 Dec 21, 2011

    roxannep37, the first comment is correct. WRAL reported that the family did not note any signs of depression, but the girls commented on the first article and stated she was severely depressed. They also stated such in their interviews on the news. HLSCH was correct.

  • diana123 Dec 21, 2011

    yes they have determined cause of death, they're just
    not talking

  • daisy Dec 21, 2011

    roxanne, one of her daughters did say she was depressed...in the comment section of another article. People are concerned especially when the family members are on here seeking help.

    I live in this area, I didn't know this family but if there is anything I can do to help I will. When the article first hit the news she was missing, I made sure I paid more attention for any ladies matching her description who may have seemed confused or lost.