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Raleigh going after unpaid parking tickets

Posted December 21, 2011

— Hundreds of area residents are getting mail from Raleigh officials this week, but it's not holiday greetings.

The city sent 4,000 letters Monday to people who have unpaid parking citations, and officials said more mailings are planned.

The move is part of a new collection method approved last spring by the City Council.

Effective Dec. 15, the city can intercept the state income tax refund of anyone with more than $50 in unpaid parking citations that are more than six months delinquent in order to pay off the bill.

People will be given a 30-day notice before the city takes action to give them one final shot at paying off their debt and avoid having their tax refund intercepted, officials said.

Pay the meter to avoid getting a ticket. Raleigh goes after unpaid parking tickets

Raleigh had more than $2 million in uncollected parking fines earlier this year. As of Wednesday, that number was down to $1.6 million.

There are 16,000 people with unpaid tickets in the city. The most money owed by one account is $1,568.

Payments can be made by check to Raleigh ParkLink Citation Processing Center, P.O. Box 6649, Rockville, MD 20849-6649 or online at Raleigh's website.

People also can pay off their tickets in person at the Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex, 222 W. Hargett St., or the City of Raleigh ParkLink Office, One Bank of America Plaza, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite S-002.


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  • miseem Dec 21, 2011

    As some people have said, and been criticized for saying, just another reason not to go downtown. As far as parking for museums, most on street parking is limited to an hour or two, not long enough to really cover the museums. Longer term lots or garages within a reasonable walking distance are generally full. My main concern would be with the boots. If you have several recent (last year or two) unpaid tickets, go ahead & boot them. If there is one ticket from 5 years ago that you thought had been settled (and may be a foul up on the city end), there is nothing to keep them from booting you. Just imagine walking out to your legally parked car at 5:30 on Friday only to find it immobilized by a boot. I know that some people say the enforcement agency can use discretion, but is that in the regulations? Even then, if there is a profit motive (additional fee for removing the boot), do you really think they won't boot anyone they can?

  • ifcdirector Dec 21, 2011

    Park your car downtown to conduct business or spend money? Pay or get a ticket. Park your tent and garbage strewn anti-business Marxist organization downtown? Raleigh's new Mayor will go out of her way to find a piece of real estate for you.

  • wayneboyd Dec 21, 2011

    I just wish that when our elected stuck it to us we could garnish their pay.

  • quaten Dec 21, 2011

    Odd thought. If 16,000 owe $1.6 million = $100 per average, how much is being spent staffing, researching, processing, programming, investigating, notifying, prosecuting, and measuring the parking ticket collection problem?

    Are we still money-ahead pursuing this issue? Is this someone's pet project for solving a budget deficit?

  • Pepe Silvia Dec 21, 2011

    There are a TON of places to park in downtown, and parking is free after 5pm and on weekends. I go downtown ALL the time, and have never once received a parking ticket.

    You have two options... park legally or pay the fine. Think you'll be a while but don't know how long you'll be? Use a parking deck where you pay on the way out based on how long you were parked. Its a pretty simple concept.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Dec 21, 2011

    I'm glad they are doing this. If I got a ticket, I'd pay it immediately. After all, it would be my fault. It's only fair they go after those who haven't paid.

    $1,568.00! Good grief! That poor soul must be so forgetful! LOL!


  • abeille Dec 21, 2011

    "The meters were eliminated and the parking boxes were installed for just one purpose, to generate revenue, with a meter if you paid for 1 hour and left after 15 minutes and someone else parked in that space and did the same thing, they only collected for one hour parking; now they collect for 2 hours parking and the space is available for MORE collections. IMHO that is selling the same thing many times AND collecting the multiple charges for the same time..."
    December 21, 2011 4:23 p.m.

    If you've ever actually used the new meters you would know they tell you how much time is still on the meter when you enter the space #, just like an old meter. Your conspiracy theory just isn't true.

    Parking is a caveat emptor scenario. There is plenty of info for people to abide by the rules, and if you choose not to inform yourself, the city will fine you for not following those rules. IMHO, the city should have been collecting all along!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 21, 2011

    "From all your comments, I can believe you don't enjoy eating at non-chain restaurants, visiting some great museums, having a nice night out with friends, or enjoying the myriad of events downtown. - Chairman of the Bored"

    There are great non-chain Restaurants in North Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, and Fuquay Varina.

    They all have free parking.

    The parking is why I don't go downtown. It isn't worth it.

    I've been downtown three times in the last five years. Twice was to serve on jury duty which validated parking and the other time was to vote early.

  • kampercam Dec 21, 2011

    This isn't the same as NC State parking tickets I hope. I mean I'm not saying it's me, but I may know someone with a couple.

  • nanasix Dec 21, 2011

    Why haven't they been doing it on a regular basis, as should have been done. This is the way our state operates. Take a look at the SOS Elaine F. Marshall's Corp. Div., they go years without filing the required annual reports before receiving a notice, and I mean up to 12 yrs. Our state govt's as well as city and county need a complete overhaul for sure. The SOS's office has cost us millions in lost revenue since she took office, and it appears the same thing is happening in Raleigh in not doing their jobs and cost us revenue we need with their lack of action.