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Raleigh couple accused of murder consent to handwriting samples

Posted December 16, 2011

— Wake County prosecutors want handwriting samples from a Raleigh couple charged in the death of Kinston woman.

Grant Ruffin Haze, 32, and his wife, Amanda Perry Haze, 39, are charged in the July death of Laura Jean Ackerson. In previous court documents, the couple's name was spelled "Hayes," but they said Friday it is legally spelled "Haze."

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger said Friday that the sample of a specific text could possibly "shed some light" on an item found during the investigation, but he did not go into detail about what that might be.

The couple is not legally obligated to comply with the state's request, but both consented.

Ackerson, 27, Grant Haze's ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children, went missing in July, and her dismembered remains were found 11 days later in a creek about 60 miles south of Houston in Richmond, Texas – near the home of a relative of Amanda Haze.

Investigators haven't offered a motive for Ackerson's death, but her relatives have said the couple was involved in a contentious child custody battle.


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  • nowon_yuno Dec 19, 2011


    Are you really going to back up what you say when your avatar is an outlaw motorcycle gang? Yes they are fake TV show, that I happen to be a fan of, but they do a lot of violent and bad things as a club. Just seems a little hypocritical to me

  • SAMCRO4ever Dec 16, 2011

    I dont understand...how can two people who committed such an awful crime actually sit there with smiles on their faces...they have absolutely no remorse and they should rot. It makes me sick.

  • rednek Dec 16, 2011

    IMHO we are too easy on capital criminals. If found guilty by hard evidence or confession, the sentence SHOULD be carried out quickly and open to the public. I think that would be a great deterrent to those thinking about killing someone. Just knowing others would see their last gasp for breath.

  • bubbba Dec 16, 2011

    anne I agree with you, but the internet provides safe refuge for those who speak without care and abandon. Not that I am saying anyone here would compromise their manners. I too am guilty of impetious thoughts and actions while never walking in
    one's shoes. A good day for me is to go to bed at night and be able to say, I have not judged anyone today but myself.

  • gunny462 Dec 16, 2011

    "an item found during the investigation"

    Hand written note...

    1. Axe
    2. Hacksaw
    3. Ductape
    4. Box of trashbags
    5. 10 Ice chests
    6. Book for Dummies "How to commit the prefect murder" (lined out)

  • anne53ozzy Dec 16, 2011

    bubba- then what is the point to vent a feel holier than thou?
    The beauty of the language cannot be lost in these diatribes. And nor can the result of helpful communication about things we fear, such as these crimes.
    There can be a solace given in writing.....does not have to be hateful.

  • bubbba Dec 16, 2011

    anne I understand your feeling that some comments here are negative to say the least, but if your looking for heartfelt and unserving comments then I think your in the wrong place.
    It ain't ever gonna happen in the sanctity of this grand illusion called the internet.

  • anne53ozzy Dec 16, 2011

    Is there no end to the horrors put upon people by others? Secondly, will there be an end at some point to heartless and self serving comments about these tragedies? "somey",for example...I trust by your cruel remark you have never made an error in judgement.

  • sammyg Dec 16, 2011

    Somebody needs to slap that smile of his face!

  • somey Dec 16, 2011

    Sounds like she got bit while playing with animals.