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Man surrenders in Wilson standoff

Posted December 15, 2011

— A man who threatened to harm himself at a Wilson intersection on Thursday afternoon surrendered to authorities just after 7 p.m. 

Authorities said that Danny Williamson, 34, of Countryside Road in Wilson, called a local mental health clinic earlier Thursday and said he was driving around with four firearms and threatened to harm himself. 

Officers searched for him throughout the day. Around 5 p.m., he was spotted driving near the intersection of Forest Hills Road and Tarboro Street. He pulled over and displayed a firearm and pointed it at himself, police said. He then got back into the car and drove to the intersection of Forest Hills Drive and Westwood Avenue, where he stopped his truck again. 

After two-hours of negotiations, Williamson surrendered. No one was hurt. Williamson was later taken to a hospital in Wilson. 

"The biggest thing is to find out what has put him in this state," Wilson Police Sgt. John Slaughter said. "And try to deal with that and get him help and let him know that there is help out there for him." 

Police blocked the intersection during the standoff, and residents nearby were alerted to stay inside through an automated call. 

Stores and restaurants in the area were asked to lock their doors, some business owners said.

It is unclear if Williamson will face any charges. 


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  • sanocafire220 Dec 16, 2011

    Good point RM24. If someone points a gun at themself...it is between them and thier thoughts. If he points a gun at me...oh no... I don't have a gun. Rather than adopt a pet... I'm gonna adopt a gun! ( I already have a dog )

  • NotFromHere Dec 16, 2011

    "And explain please how were safer when only the criminals have guns?" - RM24

    Well you see, in countries that restrict gun sales - NO ONE has guns, not the criminals or the citizens. But our gun lobbies, like all the other political lobbyists, have a stake to protect their billions in gun manufacturing each year. The NRA loves to see stolen guns head south of the border to Mexico and Central and South America. Those guns will have to be replaced which translates to more income for the gun manufacturers.

  • RM24 Dec 16, 2011

    Now see, if only more people had more guns and BIGGER guns, this kind of thing would just magically stop happening, right wingers!

    Ask your President, he appears to be an expert on selling guns to criminals. You know where federal agents are getting killed with guns sold tu his program! And explain please how were safer when only the criminals have guns?

  • joneszee Dec 16, 2011

    What did this cost the tax payers for a two hour lock down ? He should have to cover all off the costs associated with this episode.


  • poohlablueeyes Dec 15, 2011

    This has just ended! He just surrendered!

  • bossbarnes07 Dec 15, 2011

    Guys I called the Wilson Police the Dept. The Gunman is in the view of the onsite Police officers; in the car. He's not running around the area with the gun. This could end soon.

  • Dismald Dec 15, 2011

    Well I'll tell ya what! I haven't seen that many cops in one place in my life! Really don't see the need for such a Police presence/action...you would think Wilson has enough manpower to handle it.

  • thehandle81 Dec 15, 2011

    I understand that some people are upset because of not having any updates and or being locked down. It is for your safety as well as the officers on the scene! They are trained to take care of people like this one! Remember that safety takes priority over everything, not the media. Would you rather the police tell the media whats going on the please you or spend time taking care of the situation at hand? I am also at an inconvenience because of this incident but having Law Enforcement training I understand and deal with it. I you have loved ones that are inside of a store locked down at least they are safe and probably have a cell phone.

  • jmlamm2 Dec 15, 2011

    The white truck is probably an off duty officers vehicle that happened to be in the area, the police would not stop that close to an armed person. Please be assured that they will not let him harm anyone in the area.

  • Nancy Dec 15, 2011

    jaynet - they cleared the gas station, maybe that's where this car is?