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Lovette's DNA was found in Eve Carson's SUV

Posted December 14, 2011

— DNA from Eve Carson's Toyota Highlander was an identical match to that of the man on trial in her death nearly three years ago, an analyst for the State Bureau of Investigation testified Wednesday.

"It is scientifically unreasonable to believe that anyone other than Laurence Lovette Jr. was the donor of the dominant profile on the interior driver-side panel of the Highlander," Ivy McMillan said during the sixth day of testimony in Lovette's first-degree murder trial.

Authorities say Lovette and another man, Demario Atwater, kidnapped the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student body president from her home in the early hours of March 5, 2008, took her in her SUV to Bank of America ATMs to withdraw money and then shot her to death in a neighborhood near campus.

The DNA evidence, however, is the only forensic evidence connecting him to Carson at the time. SBI analysts testified Tuesday that they found no traces of fingerprints, hairs or fiber that linked Lovette to the crime.

Orange County prosecutors say other evidence does, such as ATM surveillance images, a .25-caliber handgun and Lovette's own statements to witnesses.

Agent Scott Jones, a forensics firearms examiner for the State Bureau of Investigation testified that pieces of the pistol that investigators recovered in some Durham woods matched spent casings from the scene of Carson's death. Two bullets recovered from her body also matched the weapon, Jones said.

Lovette trial focuses on DNA, ballistics Lovette trial focuses on DNA, ballistics

Testifying Tuesday, Lovette's childhood friend, Jayson McNeil, told jurors that Lovette admitted that he and Demario Atwater went to Chapel Hill looking for someone to rob and ambushed Carson as she was walking from her house to her SUV.

"He said the whole time that Eve Carson was in the back seat that she was pleading for her life and explained that they didn't have to do what they were doing," McNeil said.

Lovette and Atwater then shot her several times with a .25-caliber pistol and a 14-gauge shotgun, McNeil said, because she had seen their faces.

"Before (Lovette) even shot her, he explained, she was saying, 'Let's pray,'" McNeil said. "She wanted them to pray together."


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  • littleriver69 Dec 15, 2011

    Two for the death penalty. Period.

  • Gay Truth Dec 15, 2011

    WRAL, can you please do a story about these technical issues that are preventing us from seeing this via the web? And explain these issues to the viewers. This would be a great story for Monica.

  • Lead by Example Dec 15, 2011


  • krankyroo Dec 15, 2011

    Anyone else think it is odd that there are so many "technical difficulties" during this particular trial? There have been MANY in the last year and none have had these issues...

  • allisonpayne Dec 15, 2011

    johnnyboy The American Justice system is a JOKE!

  • allisonpayne Dec 15, 2011

    randall0123a Thank you.

  • allisonpayne Dec 15, 2011

    It is great to see our tax dollars providing for this. I can not imagine how her parents can sit and hear this, and know just how horrible the last few hours of her life were. I wish he could feel her horror and pain for the rest of his sorry life that we will pay for.

  • scientistjo Dec 15, 2011

    Put him in jail. Don't provide food.

  • Jakethesnake Dec 15, 2011

    as if they didn't already have his ugly mug on cameras at the ATM machine. Guess the DNA makes it a 110% full proof case, rot in prison.

  • hondov65 Dec 15, 2011

    Guilty as charged