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Franklin County couple killed in murder-suicide

Posted December 14, 2011
Updated December 28, 2011

— A Franklin County man killed his ex-girlfriend and then himself in a murder-suicide at a Louisburg apartment complex Wednesday morning, police said.

Chief Rick Lassiter said Gregory Hicks, 29, fatally shot Rose Marie Guzman and then himself in the Franklin Court apartments, at 119-A Second St., around 8 a.m.

"Mr. Hicks just basically, what we think, just lost it," Lassiter said. 

Guzman, 24, was staying with a friend at the apartment. The friend, whose name was not released, was there at the time of the shooting but not harmed. 

It wasn't clear if the couple's two young children were present during the shooting, but they weren't physically harmed, Lassiter said. They are staying with a relative.

Lassiter said the couple, who were on-and-off-again, had a history of domestic violence. 

The night before her death, Guzman reported to police that Hicks had assaulted her at apartment, authorities said. An arrest warrant was issued for Hicks but police could not locate him.

Hicks was convicted in August of assaulting Guzman, Lassiter said. According to an arrest warrant, Hicks punched Guzman in the face and said he would come back to kill her. 

Rose Marie Guzman Louisburg couple killed in murder-suicide

The shooting was the second similar crime in Franklin County in less than a week.

On Friday, Franklin County sheriff's officials said Brandon Alexander Teasley, 21, of Bunn, shot Brittany Rochelle Williams, 21, of Louisburg, after the couple got into an argument at their home. He then turned the gun on himself. Williams survived but Teasley died at WakeMed Hospital.

Lassiter said these types of crimes happen too often around the holidays.

“The holidays bring about family situations, family issues,” he said. “We can have some very tragic situations.”


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  • damnyank Dec 14, 2011

    so selfish. they didn't think about their children at all. HIM, beacuse he killed their mother and himself. and her because she didn't think to remove herself from a dangerous relationship in the first place. so sad for the children :(

  • jrfergerson Dec 14, 2011

    srobertson “I want an explanation as to why there are so many murders these days.. What have we become?” First off, look at the corruption in the justice system that lets those who are guilty off with plea deals or sentence them with a slap on the hand and send them back on the streets. Our court system these days is all about letting the criminals off with plea deals, probation or a very light sentence and there is little concern for the victims. Furthermore, how else would the states paid lawyers pad their pockets. Secondly, from politicians down through the court system you find many that are involved having a loss of integrity with little morals and values to do the right thing. It is beyond me of the corruption that is in the state of North Carolina all due to greed just to pad pockets - makes one wonder how they can sleep at night.

  • shenedaspivey Dec 14, 2011

    Yes this is a tragic situation and what can we do to prevent this from happening again. There is no time to keep waiting I'm in shock right now my blessings go out to both families

  • claudnc Dec 14, 2011

    @lakishahubbard...the best thing you can do for you and your family now is to just support each other.. I would stay off media sites because the folks that comment on stories do this everyday all day and you will never say anything to change their perceptions about anything or anyone... Dont allow other folks perception about you and your affect your day, life etc. They are not worth it.. Good Bless your family!!!

  • YNCSW51 Dec 14, 2011

    This is so sad my prayes go out to both families and the children.

  • anonynurse Dec 14, 2011

    Franklin County does a horrible job with domestic violence cases. I was attacked a few years ago by a guy I was dating. I pressed charges and he was put in jail. I also ended the relationship. After he got out he pressed fake charges against me. The charges got dropped for me, but it will come up on my background checks for life. To this day he makes threats to kill me. Franklin county does nothing to protect victims. From what I've heard, Wake county doesn't let abusers press charges against the victim after they've been charged. Its a common thing that abusers do to continue abusing the victim. There was no reason for this woman to die. Franklin County should have protected her.

    To those that are saying they have some kind of record because of the pics...I technically have a record even though I was the victim and the charges were dropped. Although it could be unrelated, it doesn't mean they were guilty. Don't think it can't happen to you, especially if you live in Franklin Co.

  • cr8zgurl Dec 14, 2011

    PRAYERS OUT TO ALL INVOLVED ! You people and your comments ? REALLY. Such a tragedy here.Y our comments up here show how immature the way of the world today. You are arguing with each other instead of thinking about the families ! SMH !

  • lakishahubbard Dec 14, 2011

    All I have to say is that this couple both are my family. We lived together and if you didn't know them then please don't judge my brother or sister. They were both good hearted people and for those that's feeling some kind of way because of their looks and their past well please find a way to look past the past and into the future of those that's going threw the same thing right know and is being ignored! I love y'all for life R.I.P. will be missed

  • proud-bleeding-heart Dec 14, 2011

    "Lassiter said Hicks was convicted earlier this year for assaulting Guzman. According to warrants, Hicks hit Guzman in the face and said he would come back to kill her."

  • proud-bleeding-heart Dec 14, 2011

    Prayers to the family. Domestic violence stories are seen almost daily now. How many have to die before victims will be protected?