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President, first lady to visit Fort Bragg

Posted December 8, 2011

— President Barack Obama has two trips planned in the next week with one shared purpose – to visit with members of the armed forces.

On Saturday, the president and Vice President Joe Biden will be in attendance at the Army-Navy football game. The game, the 112th meeting between the service academies, kicks off at 2:30 p.m. on WRAL-TV.

Next Wednesday, the president and First Lady Michelle Obama will travel to Ft. Bragg where they thank the troops there for their sacrifices and achievements over 10 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

All U.S. troops will leave Iraq by the end of the year. Ahead of that milestone, the White House says Obama wants to speak directly to troops and their families.


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  • usemailinator Dec 14, 2011

    I only listened to the firast ten minutes before I got nauseous. Snipers? Car bombs? Where did he experience all this? In college or at one of his NAACP meetings?

  • usemailinator Dec 14, 2011

    Ah, yeah, I remember when the politicians came to our base. We were ORDERED to clap and cheer.
    "You have no right to the First Amendment in the military. you signed a contract."

    Don't drink the Kool-aid. Most of those brave soldiers are ashamed to be doing all the cheering.

  • americaneel Dec 13, 2011

    I read that all of the soldiers have agreed to call in sick the day(s)the Obama Socialist party is in town.

  • americaneel Dec 13, 2011

    Someone please tell me that the NC state troopers have permission to stop them at the NC/VA state line!!!

  • josephlawrence43 Dec 9, 2011


  • josecleveland Dec 9, 2011

    Ahh..I can remember my 1st encounter w/same base and someone frm Buffalo was also interested...interested in me not joining the USA forces. It seems that Reagan has some favs in Buffalo & Virginia Beach...so I was just drugged by Kadafi while working at HUD Bflo in 1992/93 etc...I kept drking the tea. On WTC YouTube 4 further info. Good Luck w/Presidents & noBudget 2 me due to non-military status & nonfbi legal interventions from 92 up.

  • mrman2a Dec 9, 2011

    Smoke and mirrors to get the NC vote.He is a majic man in campain mode.The last three years of failure did not really happen.PLEASE!

  • Plenty Coups Dec 9, 2011

    Woohoo-"I think you would call it "not enough" or "two little too late" or my FAVORITE, accuse him of doing it for votes."

    Of course they wouldn't like him no matter what he did. My favorite example is the argument from yesterday w/ some of these posters who tried to claim that Obama's payroll tax cuts weren't "real tax cuts". I guess they're only "real" if they come from republicans????? Amazing logic.

  • barbstillkickin Dec 9, 2011

    Oh please we do not see this woman for 3 years and now she is trying to help our military. If she wants to help them bring them home to their families. All she is doing is trying to get points for her husband. Not going to happen at least not for us veteran voters who know the game. Just like Nute he is a creep but now he acts like he is so good. Need to remember his comments made when election is not here. He as trashed our country so much but how soon we forget.

  • WooHoo2You Dec 9, 2011

    or that veterans' benefits (which those men and women EARN) are now considered "entitlements" which can be cut off at the whim of a Democratic congress in the midst of a self-perpetuating economic crisis?-lauraleigh

    You are accusing the dems for throwing out the "entitlement" word?!? Wow, just wow, I mean really, WOW...

    Not to mention the Right was a much poorer history with regards of benefits for vet.