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Rev. Billy Graham released from hospital

Posted December 6, 2011

Evangelist Billy Graham

— Rev. Billy Graham was released from an Asheville hospital Tuesday afternoon after a six-day stay for pneumonia.

Graham was admitted to Mission Hospital Nov. 30 after suffering from congestion, a cough and slight fever.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, his physician, Dr. Mark Hellrich, said the 93-year-old evangelist has made good clinical progress in combating the pneumonia.

Graham will continue receiving treatment at home.

“I am grateful for the many thoughts and prayers expressed by individuals across the country and around the world during my stay at Mission Hospital,” Graham said in a statement.

"I also appreciated the wonderful treatment I received here from such caring doctors and nurses, and feel I have made some new friends. But I am especially looking forward to seeing my home decorated for Christmas and spending the holidays with members of my family," he continued.

In May, Graham spent five days in the hospital during a bout with pneumonia.

He rarely appears in public, but recently published his 30th book, in which he reflects on aging and mortality.


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  • LordHelpUsAll Dec 8, 2011

    I'd rather live my life as if there is a God only to find out there is not, rather than live my life as if there is not only to find out there is. It's my choice. I haven't wasted anything to believe what I believe is truth. And there is hundreds of years of theological/historical evidence to back it up. Again, it's all about choice.... and we're fortunate to have that you must agree. signing off so as not to have hard feelings.

  • haggis basher Dec 8, 2011

    " Read the book of Revelation(last book of the bible), it's all there."

    Revelations is the rantings of a madman.

    "I guess the bottom line is: you either believe the bible or you don't."

    There is zero evidence that any of it is true.

    " For believers/followers, you don't seem to have a clue, but the flip side is you probably don't think we do either. Personally, I'm sad for your soul... but this is how I choose to believe."

    My "soul" is just fine and it will die and be no more when I die just like yours will, but at least I won't have wasted my life believing a lie.

  • LordHelpUsAll Dec 8, 2011

    NO force has the same power. God IS perfect and He has given us the freedom of choice. To choose Him or not. There WILL be a judgement day where He WILL stand in judgement over all of the earth. Those that have chosen to follow Him will be spared and raptured into a glorious heaven, and those that have not, will not, and will be tormented/tortured in hell forever. Read the book of Revelation(last book of the bible), it's all there. I guess the bottom line is: you either believe the bible or you don't. For believers/followers, you don't seem to have a clue, but the flip side is you probably don't think we do either. Personally, I'm sad for your soul... but this is how I choose to believe.

  • haggis basher Dec 8, 2011

    "If you have faith and believe in yourself you can achieve anything you desire,including wealth"

    Nice if that was true but its not. all the above won't help you if you fall and end up only being able to move a mouth stick.......and you need someone to change your diaper.
    A good solid upbringing with the basic values of the golden rule, a good education, an high level of intelligence, good health, a financial safety net etc all make success much easier to achieve than all the "faith" in the world.

  • haggis basher Dec 8, 2011

    so god gives this old crook a few more months or years on the same day he allows a 4 year old to be killed in a car accident.......go figure.....

  • loprestw Dec 7, 2011

    How is this news?

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 7, 2011

    People can contribute to your happiness and love but it is you who makes you happy...relationships and marriages most now are not for love but nessecities...some are for ownership..."MY WIFE,MY HUSBAND...MY GIRLFRIEND,MY BOYFRIEND,You stay away from them,you don't talk to them,or look at them or I will get you".
    Hmm is that love?,some are built on security..they make me feel so secure,that make me so happy they make me laugh?..That is giving up your soul and power to others and making you weak,same with expectiung God to heal all your pains,,"God please make my life better,please help billy ray jim bob get better and not sick anymore".
    People live in fear worry and stress every minute of everyday and when you give and receive love to only 1 person is hat really love?,no love isn't physical.
    People need to love themselves if they want to be loved for god is within and flows through us all,no not talking about being concieted but having a love and understanding and acceptance of you.

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 7, 2011

    The only ones who judge us is ourselves...God is perfect and god is love,god forgives god does not punish...so if god was love and forgiving...why do people say he is willing to give up souls and send them to another force that has the same power..that is a sign of weakness?
    If God and Lucy are fighting for souls why is God so willing to hand over souls to Lucy when someone says a bad word or steals a candy bar?
    And why is Lucy so willing to give up a soul they are so hard at rying to get to God when someone says a kind word and donates a little change to charity?
    If Lucy wants bad souls then why would they treat the souls so bad when they get them?,I would be happy if I got what i wanted wouldn't you?.
    No one can judghe you except yourself,you think you are poor then so be it,you think you are wealthy then so be it,lonely happy sad? sick ill or healthy?..only you can judge and no one else and only you can change it for others don't make you happy,they can contribute but you decide.

  • LordHelpUsAll Dec 7, 2011

    There's a lot of "trap flapping" here and not a lot of true factual research to back it up. Just know that we will all stand in judgement one day. Where will YOU end up? Do you know? Do you care? Is it really that important for you to stand in judgement of your fellow man? "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone." hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Uhavenoclu Dec 7, 2011

    In God's own image,Everything we see,hear,taste,smell and feel came from someones thoughts,their dreams,desires...look within not without and the only upper you should point to is your upper self,your higher self your light,your love,and not below where your EGO and negativity,hatred,judgment lies.