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Men charged with trespassing after train hits vehicle

Posted December 6, 2011

— What started as a joyride ended with a train hitting two SUVs in Wendell on Tuesday, authorities said.

Two men were driving on the railroad tracks near the exit for U.S. Highway 64 off of U.S. Highway 264 when one of their vehicles got stuck.

The men heard a train coming and jumped to safety, as the train hit both SUVs. 

suvs hit by train in wendell Train hits two SUVs in Wendell

No one was injured.

The men are being charged with trespassing.


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  • barbstillkickin Dec 7, 2011

    You know this is really funny. You are arguing about trespassing but no one sees the real story here. These drivers got off easy they should have been charged for driving on a train track, possible death for the train engineer I mean come on these SUV's could have really caused a engineer to be hurt or even killed because the engineer probably thought there was a person in the vehicle and was probably very stressed. Stop complaining about these nuts and start realizing the big picture. My husband works for DOT and has to work on tracks but he has to OK everything thru the train company who owns the track and a lot of paperwork. He can not even go onto a track unless no trains will be running so these drivers really should be charged with a lot more and do jail time because a train might be big but the engineer is just a person. Oh yes the engineer is just like you so think about what you would feel if
    this happened to you.

  • TITAN4X4 Dec 6, 2011

    December 6, 2011 5:29 p.m.

    If some one a 4 wheeler/ dirt bike shows up on my property I have a farily good idea of what they're up to..... Ride on my property, but don't tear it up. Respect me enough to knock or ring the door bell and announce your presence..... If you look like a vagrant and don't have a clue as to why you are on my property, I have a problem. Trespassing is the same anyway you look at it! Wether it be your property or your house. Recently had a man that shoplifted from a local grocery store try to come throuch my property. Cops showed up before I could call them. Cops all mifed about the briers. Oh well!

  • escottb22 Dec 6, 2011

    point a weapon? what in the world...most young men, at some point, make mistakes. even self-righteous people, such as the ones who so flagrantly throw their views so loosely, may have made one themselves at some point in time. even the best parents , and children, sometimes have to learn things the hard way. the city of raleigh just removed a great place to go and 4-wheel just around the corner from this exact spot! where do our children have to go and let off a little steam anymore?our government has taken away all of our personal freedoms, land owners have marked off all areas we used to have fun in, and narrow minded people sit back and criticize anyone and everyone who dares to break these simple rules you impose . bravo to these two young men. i used to play in that same area before it was shut down to make way for the new road, and was sad to see it go. albeit, getting hit by a train , im sure was not part of the plan, where do our youth go to play.

  • Disabled Vet Dec 6, 2011

    It's no wonder "EverythingTicksMeOff", you think you know everything about everything! I hate to be the one to burst your bubble and ruin your delusions of grandeur, but you don't. As Confucious say "it is better to keep your mouth and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth (in your case type it) and remove all doubt.

    Good luck finding someone that is as intelligent as you think you are.

  • TITAN4X4 Dec 6, 2011

    So a "NO TRESPASSING" sign posted on my property doesn't mean a thing? WTH. If I didn't invite you, you are trespassing. The signs say it all. See my sorry behind as you defend yourself for trespassing. Believe me I do call the cops but they dont respond in a timely manner. I have no problem with pointing a weapon at someone who is on my property without my permission.....Once I assess their intentions I make it known that its my property, not their throughfair. OH please let me rob your house! You didn't tell me I couldn't come in........ Oh, Oh please Can I. What a farst!

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 6, 2011

    Of course, I should add for the legal eagle types that yes, you can also be charged with trespass if you enter a property when a reasonable person would know that they did not have permission to do so, i.e., there is a sign posted. Hence, the trespass charges against these two young "men".

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 6, 2011

    paulej, if you post a no trespassing sign, then you charge anyone who enters your property with trespass. The railroads do post signs along the right of way.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 6, 2011

    TITAN, just shows how little you know about trespass laws. A person who steps onto your property is not trespassing until a) you notify them that you wish for them to leave and b) they refuse to do so. At that point, you can call the local authorities and have the trespassers arrested. Sure, pull a gun. I'd love to see your sorry behind explain how you thought you were justified.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Dec 6, 2011

    Yes, railroads may have gotten these lands for free and pay no property tax, but in exchange, the federal government regulated the rates they could charge in order to help build the country.

  • awncs Dec 6, 2011

    For those who are truly interested in the facts, if you will refer to the FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) handbook, Chapter 9 you will see that North Carolina has no trespass regulations or laws specifically targeted to railroad property or equipment. However, having said that, the companies themselves have trespassing regulations whether it be CSX or Norfolk Southern and can charge someone with trespassing if they so choose. They enforce these regulations to help prevent people from doing stupid things like playing chicken with a train. Under no circumstance should ANYONE be riding down railroad tracks unless they are employed with the Railroad. PERIOD!!