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Teamsters blast RPD leadership in accreditation hearing

Posted December 5, 2011

— A professional group that represents Raleigh police officers blasted Chief Harry Dolan and other department leaders for "misbehavior and mismanagement" in an accreditation hearing Monday afternoon. 

A team from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies began their three-day visit to Raleigh Monday as part of a review process into the department's accreditation.

Chip Roth, a business agent for the Teamsters Local 391, which represents the Raleigh Police Protective Association, asked CALEA not to renew the department's accreditation, which it had held since 1992, in part because of the handling of a sexual misconduct probe that led to the July firing of Sgt. Rick Armstrong.

Roth called Armstrong's termination a "flagrant violation of basic employee rights" that has resulted in a loss of confidence in Dolan among officers and the public.

"Dolan is sending a clear message to his troops that he will attempt to lead through fear and intimidation," Roth said. "The resulting declines in morale among the troops are undermining the ability of the RPD to meet CALEA's important standards."

Armstrong has repeatedly said that the results of an Internal Affairs probe – which alleged that he had sex while on duty with a woman in a neighborhood that he patrolled – are false. He is appealing to the city's Civil Services Commission to get his job back and suing the city for wrongful termination.

Roth charged that Dolan wanted to get rid of Armstrong after he was elected president of the RPPA and that two other leaders of the police union were placed on administrative leave for alleged involvement in Armstrong's case.

Cary police Deputy Chief Barry Nickalson argued during the hearing that, in working closely with Raleigh police on several cases, the department definitely meets CALEA standards and should be re-accredited.

The CALEA team is conducting interviews and visits at various police district offices, in addition to Monday's hearing seeking public input, before they'll take their findings back to the commission. The commission will decide whether the department should keep its accreditation.

It wasn't clear when the department will receive a decision.


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  • bosshog Dec 13, 2011

    MikeBowan39: Why are you so concerned with Armstrong and where he may or may not be working and what board he may or may not be on?

    Dolan attempted AGAIN to smear Armstrong's name last month when he broke State law & leaked his response to Armstrong's appeal to WRAL, under the cowardly cloak of anonymity!

    What facts do you have to back up your "thought" that "the Department has been more than forthcoming & transparent" (other than anonymously leaking information)? I'm sure any reporter in Wake Co. would be quick to disagree.

    Armstrong is far from out of avenues and judging from the way he intrepidly stands up for what he believes in, he will not stop until his good name is cleared and Dolan is held accountable for HIS misuse of office. Surely that couldn't have been an easy decision for he & his family to make...he is blessed with the support of his family, friends and the majority of the RPD officers as well.

    History is repeating itself for Dolan with the lawsuits...

  • mikebowman39 Dec 12, 2011

    Thanks Bosshog for your candidness on the other officers that were involved. We had our suspicious about them and now you have confirmed that. Hard to believe it was just them. Roger Clemens is making a lot noise also. I think the Department has been more than forth coming and transparent with information.
    I haven’t seen anyone in the department trying to smear Armstrong’s name. He keeps running out of avenues. Now, here is something else you can help us with,
    you say, ***I'm sure Armstrong has better things to do than to worry about how he will support his family and rebuild his reputation after it was destroyed because of Dolan's vendetta against him***
    Is it true that the union gave him a big union job making $100,000.00 dollars a year? Also is he still on Governors Police Board? Wonder what her thoughts are on this?
    Botton line and what this article is about is how transparent the RPD is and I want to thank thank Chief Dolan for his efforts and communication with the citizen

  • bosshog Dec 9, 2011

    Armstrong was NOT fired for sex with prostitutes...true story...try & keep up. That was what the department leaked in an effort to destroy his reputation. **That** alone is enough to question whether the leadership's professionalism meets the high standards that CALEA has set forth for them to follow. Not to mention their most recent attempt to smear Armstrong's good name.

    Armstrong stands up for himself because he was fasley accused...if he had something to hide I don't think you would hear a word out of him & he would go away quietly like the other officer's involved in this investigation. I don't think Dolan was expecting or is prepared for the fight he has on his hands now & some very interesting information about his handling of this case & many others will soon be revealed and he will finally be exposed for his tyrancy.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 7, 2011

    Armstrong protests too loudly.

    He was fired after an internal affairs investigation showing that he was getting sexual favors from working girls because of his position on the RPD.

    The problem with unions is that they protect their members even when they break the rules and should be disciplined.

    Plus Armstrong is a trustee of the union. No wonder the union is protecting him.

  • bosshog Dec 7, 2011

    Mikebowman39-Nowhere in my comment did I say Dolan & RPD don't want accreditation. You haven't been privy to the details of the underhanded tactics Dolan has used not only with his handling of Armstrong's case, but also throughout his career as a Chief (lawsuits in Michigan, soon to be revealed details from his stint in Lumberton, as well as an RPD officer currently going through a similar situation as in Michigan), not to mention his more subtle attacks. Cary's deputy chief doesn't know what goes on behind closed doors with the Chief & IA so his input is irrelevant. You say Dolan has more to worry about than what association someone is in & I'm sure Armstrong has better things to do than to worry about how he will support his family and rebuild his reputation after it was destroyed because of Dolan's vendetta against him. As for the PBA, sure officers should join if they are content doing nothing to change the current dictatorship-can't blame them given the fear amongst RPD officers.

  • whatusay Dec 7, 2011

    Unions also exist to keep electing corrupt democrat politicians.

  • mikebowman39 Dec 6, 2011

    I don’t understand bosshog when he says that Dolan and RPD doesn’t want the accreditation. It’s Roth and the Teamsters who have no law enforcement experience spouting off accusations asking CALEA not to renew the department's accreditation and the RPD and Cary police Deputy Chief Barry Nickalson argue to keep it. You also have Cary police Deputy Chief Barry Nickalson who has nothing to gain and who is neutral saying that department definitely meets CALEA standards and should be re-accredited. I’m sure the Chief has better things to do than worry if somebody is in some association or not. Maybe the Officers would be better off joining the Fraternal Order of Police. They have thousands of members who work well with different departments around the country. The article says Roth and Armstrong blame the Department Leaders and Dolan. Looks like one of these scenarios where everybody else is wrong but me.

  • abylelab -BT- Dec 6, 2011

    cop vs cop is the only time i find it really easy to be on the side of the cop.

  • bosshog Dec 6, 2011

    "CALEA Accreditation strengthens an agency’s accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities."
    This is NOT being done within the Raleigh PD which is the reason this story was published. Dolan is anything but transparent (as the media will surely agree) and it is impossible to trust a leader who makes decisions based on feelings & opinions rather than consistent with policy & procedure. Leave it to Harry Dolan to jeopardize RPD's accreditation...his reign of terror MUST end.
    **THAT** is what the focus is here, people, not on the public's opinion of the Teamster's, Roth, Armstrong, or unions in general.

  • JohnFLob Dec 6, 2011

    "Obviously none of you are aware that it's not just RPD officers who are members of the Teamsters." Create your own wealth December 6, 2011 1:28 p.m.

    Yes! Yes! I know that Teamster membership is not, and has not, been limited to the RPD. Having observed Teamster activities during the several decades I'm still waiting for an event that creates a positive impression.