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One killed, one injured in Durham drive-by shooting

Posted December 5, 2011
Updated December 6, 2011

— One man was killed and another was seriously injured in a drive-by shooting in Durham Monday afternoon, police said.

Two men were walking on the 2800 block of Crest Street around 3 p.m. when multiple shots were fired from a passing car, police said. 

Nigel Scarlett, 25, of Webb Circle, was pronounced dead at the scene and Kevin Maurice Davis, 26, of Price Avenue, was taken to Duke University Hospital.

A witness told WRAL News that a child getting off a school bus in the neighborhood found a handgun about three blocks from the shooting scene.

Police were awaiting tests results on the gun to confirm whether it was used in the shooting. Investigators have declined to comment on a possible motive and no arrests have been made.

Willie Patterson lives near the shooting scene. He said he was hurt and disappointed to learn about a homicide in his neighborhood, where he's lived for 76 years.

"People's tempers are short. Their behavior patterns have changed," Patterson said.

Durham drive-by Durham leaders urge end to violence after fatal drive-by

City Council members told Chief Jose Lopez at a meeting Monday that police must put an end to violence in Durham's neighborhoods.

"My heart was heavy after another drive-by shooting," said Councilwoman Cora Cole-McFadden. "The gun violence must stop."

Lopez said there have been 26 homicides and one fatal officer-involved shooting on the city so far this year. There was the same number of homicides at this time last year.

City leaders said the number is far too high.

"It is unacceptable the number of homicides we have in this city," said Mayor Bill Bell.

Bell tasked Lopez to find out what more can be done to keep the city safe.

"The time has come to trust the Durham Police Department," Lopez said, urging residents to help officers do their job by coming forward with information about crime.

Anyone with information on the Crest Street drive-by is asked to call investigators at 919-560-4322 or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • alwaysconcernedmom Dec 6, 2011

    Until we start punishing the criminals, these things will continue to happen. Our jails and prisons are full of people that do not deserve to walk our streets yet our officials constantly put them out again and again to do harm again and again.

    Once we start punishing our criminals, we will see a decrease in crime, nationwide.

    If you kill someone, you gave up your right to live.

  • Bill of Rights Dec 6, 2011

    The city council sounds like a bunch of fools. "This must stop!", one councilwoman says, but what exactly are they proposing? Are they offering the cash-strapped department more resources to deal with the problem? And do they really think that beating up the police chief is going to do anything? Throwing around broad motherhood statements is fine and all, but it doesn't get anything done. I wonder how the city council would respond if citizens made the same complaints to them?

  • carolina beach gurl Dec 6, 2011

    Bill Bell has never supported the PD. He never shows up for any promotional ceremony or even when an officer dies. If he shows for anything, you can guarantee it will be 30 min. late. At the Homeless Veteran's Stand down in Nov. he was a no show ans sent a representative with his apologies. 2ndly. Any police dept needs community involvement. You can guarantee the community knows whos dealing and in the gangs. Speak up or Shut up when your children are killed. Very Sad.

  • ko23rich Dec 6, 2011

    Why don't the PD focus more on the real crime in Durham instead of having 10 or more officers sitting and hiding on the highways and roads so they can catch someone speeding 10 miles over the limit. I know its necessary to keep the roads safe but seriously does it take the entire police dept. to do so. I think there are bigger fish to fry than speeders but I guess that's easy money for the attorneys and state to make.

  • Card Player Dec 6, 2011

    "City Council members told Chief Jose Lopez at a meeting Monday that police must put an end to violence in Durham's neighborhoods."

    These city council members aren't very smart. That is like saying 'Make everyone in Durham millionaires'.

  • westernwake1 Dec 6, 2011

    "City Council members told Chief Jose Lopez at a meeting Monday that police must put an end to violence in Durham's neighborhoods."

    This will require three things:
    1) Effective policing with a focus on violent criminals in Durham.
    2) The District Attorney's office to have effective leadership in Durham. DA Cline must resign immediately.
    3) The community must talk to law enforcement to solve crimes. Until the "no snitching" attitude disappears; the people of Durham are getting exactly the types of neighborhoods they deserve.

    This particular crime appears to be gang and drug turf related. The two individuals who were shot have a history of drug arrests with intent to sell.

  • Hammerhead Dec 6, 2011

    Iworkforaliving, how exactly did kelley prove your point?

  • jonesd02 Dec 6, 2011

    Wherever it happened doesn't even matter. People are dead. If it were your family, you'd be a bit more sensitive.

  • big carl Dec 6, 2011

    Well this is obviously something that never happens in Durham. Why someone should get the govenor on the phone and do something bout this!

  • wigi Dec 6, 2011

    Durham is, sadly, a cespool of humanity.