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Victims in Guilford County shooting spree remembered

Posted December 1, 2011
Updated December 2, 2011

— Family and friends gathered Thursday night to remember the lives of five young people gunned down in a family massacre near Greensboro more than a week ago.

“Five caskets, five young people, I mean, when you see it, it just breaks your heart,” Pastor Michael Barrett said.

Mary Ann Holder, 36, is accused of killing her two sons — Robert Dylan Smith, 17, and Zachary Smith, 14. Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said she also killed the niece and nephew she took into her home when her sister died — Richard Brian Suttles, 17, and Hannaleigh Suttles, 8. She also mortally wounded Makayla Leigh Woods, Robert's 15-year-old girlfriend. She also shot and wounded her married former lover, Randall Lamb.

Holden then killed herself. She left two notes taking responsibility for the killings.

Visitation was held Thursday for the five victims. 

"Multiple times since this incident occurred, I walked by my very own children and made sure that they knew and made sure they looked me in the eye, and tell them how much I love them," Pastor Carl Pulliam said. 

A collective funeral will be held Friday at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church.

Holder's ex-husband, Rocky Smith, and the couple's 21-year-old daughter Christina Smith say they had no indication anything was wrong. Smith said Holder had bought a carload full of groceries the day before the Nov. 20 shootings.

Funeral planned for Guilford shooting victims Funeral planned for Guilford shooting victims

Holder had been having an affair with Lamb, 40, for more than three years, but it was coming to an end after months of bitter accusations between Holder, Lamb and Lamb's wife, including allegations of stalking and harassment.

Investigators have ordered chemical screenings of all six victims to see if the children had been drugged or if there was anything influencing Holder's behavior.

The family donated the organs and tissues of Zachary Smith, and Hannaleigh and Ricky Suttles and have been told that nearly two dozen people have been helped, Rocky Smith told WGHP-TV in High Point.


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  • cheezchicken Dec 2, 2011

    I would REALLY like to see the media stop using the word "spree" when it comes to this garbage. "Spree" is associated with something more positive. These criminally insane human shells should not get more than 1 second of media exposure. Stop showing this evil woman's photo. I'm sick of the excuse of someone "losing it" or "snapping". Let them jump off the nearest bridge and not hurt anyone else!

  • wildcat Dec 2, 2011

    The lady was the killer and no on else. Too bad the children was killed and the lover was shot. She should have committed the suicide on herself and left the others alone. A tragedy indeed!

  • SNG_84 Dec 2, 2011

    This story doesn't sound right and it seems like it's a possibility that someone else could be responsible but we may never know for sure. It's so sad and heartbreaking that things like this happen but only God knows exactly why.

  • 1KidMom Dec 2, 2011

    Still say more hear than meets the eye! So they say she left notes well what's to say the lover or his wife wasn't holding the children at gun point until she wrote it. But sometimes the story from police is posted one way to allow the ones responsible time to think they got away with it and then they mess up, get sloppy then get caught. Regardless God rest the souls of these children!

  • cricket18 Dec 2, 2011

    I agree grandmagail. The lover only gets wounded. Hmmmm

  • bombayrunner Dec 2, 2011

    sometimes people just lose it, but its not usually the sane ones which makes this so nuts.

    There are pleanty of floks in dix/butner that are far worse than this scenario. But, they were not right in the first place.

    you actually see more if this kinda thing in larger cities. had a pal shoot his wife them himself a few year back ... same thing, someone in the way.

  • housemanagercary Dec 2, 2011

    This story just breaks my heart. For all the despair I've EVER felt, I would NEVER EVER EVER hurt my children or my nieces or any other child for that matter!

  • westernwake1 Dec 2, 2011

    This is a tragic, sad story. My prayers and best wishes to the families and friends of the victims.

  • mmtlash Dec 2, 2011

    sounds like something out of a horror movie...just horrible

  • grandmagail Dec 2, 2011

    Something sounds fishy here.