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Proposed quarry expansion worries Raleigh residents

Posted December 1, 2011

— A group of residents are speaking out against a proposal to expand a rock quarry near Ebenezer Church and Westgate roads in Raleigh.

About 20 residents were invited to a neighborhood meeting Thursday evening to meet with Martin Marietta Materials to hear about the plan, which would increase the quarry by about 19 acres, rezone the property and shift a portion of Westgate Road.

One concern, neighbors say, is effects of blasts, which already rattle homes.

"It's like a mini-earthquake that is going on every time they blast," said Mary Archer, who says a crack in her wall is a result of blasting.

She and others fear it would get worse.

"They are going to be doing more blasting. Our homes are going to shake more, and we are going to have more cracks," Archer said.

Resident Michael Miller also worries about additional traffic and what an expansion might mean for property values.

"Let's look at the future impact," he said. "Should they expand, they move closer to the development, and that only increases the risk of greater damage."

A Martin Marietta executive said the company doesn't plan to blast any closer to the neighborhood or more often, and any concerns would be addressed through a series of community meetings.

Any formal request would go to the Raleigh City Council in April.


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  • Red Riding Hood Dec 5, 2011

    qbmurf - martin marietta, owner of the land, had it rezoned to residential back when wyngate was being built.


    now they want it rezoned again for mining and dumping. a school is planed to be built on an adjacent property too.

    what do you want to bet? next time get your facts before posting obnoxious comments!

  • quarrywho Dec 2, 2011

    2nd part of my comment that somehow din't make it:
    Now they want to rezone RESIDENTIAL areas to INDUSTRIAL. Even moving a road north for that. That is the issue. How would you like it if the city decides tomorrow to rezone your area from RESIDENTIAL to INDUTRIAL and put a landfill right there? Won't happen? Ignorance really is bliss.

  • quarrywho Dec 2, 2011

    Hey who is moderating the comments here? That is not even close to what I wrote?

  • qbmurf Dec 2, 2011

    Ignorance really is bliss. Nothing in the world ever changes.

    I bet the builder never asked the quarry if they planned on expanding when all those neighborhoods were build next door. Did the neighbors ask the question or just ignore the obvious an buy anyway.

  • Supie Dec 2, 2011

    the majority want more money, too. Can we take yours? There are other sources for road material.

  • The Fox Dec 2, 2011

    This is where your new road material comes from. Sorry nearby residents, but I think the majority here want better roads.

  • Red Riding Hood Dec 2, 2011

    sunshine - No more new jobs. 22 or 23 people work at the quarry now, and they said they will not be hiring more if they expand.

    All the current wetlands that put a stop to Ebeneezer continuing and connecting to Strickland will also be turned in to dirt dumping grounds, what they call "storage/disposition of overburden". The state owns the part of Westgate they want. They own the land north of Westgate as it is today up to 540, and it's zoned for residential and commercial use now.

    That Martin Marietta executive's comment at the end of the article is partially false. They (Paxton Badham) did say they are going to be blasting closer, although the frequency would be based on demand.

  • Mon Account Dec 2, 2011

    I agree that the residents (I am one) should be voicing concerns over the expansion of a business into the neighborhood. I bought my house knowing the airplanes were noisy and the quarry was right there. They zoned it to keep it safe and livable but now the quarry wants to take more land? They agreed to the zoning but now want to change it? I go to work everyday and some people out there say "stop complaining! It will create jobs! It's good for the economy!" Well, that job I go to pays taxes. That creates jobs. So let me come home to a house that I worked for and want to be in in peace.

  • yachtman Dec 1, 2011

    "sunshine" and others who think the residents should just deal with it because they bought near a quarry are missing the point - Martin Marietta wants to EXPAND the quarry - i.e. bring it closer to the homes and move a part of westgate road. As an example, if you bought a home a mile from an airport runway, but sometime later the airport wanted to build another runway a block from your house, don't you think you would feel entitled to voice your concern?

  • sunshine1040 Dec 1, 2011

    I agree with those that say if you do not like airplanes leaving tire marks on your rood do not build at the end of the runway the airplane are not going to get smaller or quieter and you do not build a house next to a business that or farm that you do not like the noise of smell of. hopefully the business will expand hiring more employees and paying more taxes