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Evangelist Billy Graham, 93, in hospital but stable

Posted November 30, 2011
Updated December 1, 2011

Evangelist Billy Graham

— Evangelist Billy Graham, 93, was in an Asheville hospital being treated for a lung ailment, his personal physician, Dr. Lucian Rice, said Wednesday.

Graham was was admitted to Mission Hospitals in Asheville late Wednesday morning suffering from congestion, a cough and a slight fever. Doctors were testing him for pneumonia. 

Rice said Graham was in stable condition and that he was in good spirits, alert, smiling and waving at hospital staff.

Hospital spokesman A. Larry Ross said Graham's daughter, Gigi, visited her father. While watching television in the hospital room, they found a channel showing Graham's 1973 crusade in St. Louis.

Graham was treated for pneumonia at Mission Hospitals in May and made a full recovery. 

The man once dubbed "America's pastor" has receded from public life in recent years and spends most of his time with family and close friends at his Montreat home. President Barack Obama paid him a visit there in April 2010, and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin visited in 2009. 


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  • gnewsome1 Dec 1, 2011

    "What book would that be? the one that says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" The book would be the bible. Try reading it in its entirety and don't quote it out of context. FYI, it is not talking about the eye of a needle that you use to sew with but rather a slim opening at the bottom of a stall. Not the same thing.

  • unclegrits Dec 1, 2011

    "Hagis, dwntwnboy and a few others don't believe in God. That's okay, they have every right not to believe."

    I believe in god, but not people who make a huge profit off religion. It is flat out wrong and Billy knows that.

  • scientistjo Dec 1, 2011

    He won't be getting into heaven too easily. Taking from the poor and keeping it all.

  • BubbaDuke Dec 1, 2011

    tired2 - you hit it on the head. The people who whine the most contribute the least. They get up in the morning mad at the world and when they lay down at night, the world is worse off because they are still in it.

    As far as Billy Graham's message changing over the years, anyone who's faith isn't stretched and changed over time has a rigid religion rather than faith. What Billy Graham has said is that he's learned not to be so quick to judge others, as he has no way to know who he will meet in Heaven. It could be a Muslim or a Buddhist or a serial killer. What hasn't changed in Graham's message is that Jesus is still the only way to have a relationship with the Father. Can a Muslim believe in Jesus and still practice Islam? Sure he can. Can a Buddhist believe in Jesus and still practice his faith in the way his culture has raised him? Sure he can. All it takes for salvation is to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died and rose again and paid our sin debt.

  • veyor Dec 1, 2011

    When this life is over for you and you find that you're not in Heaven, blame yourself, not Billy. He has spent his life showing you the way. As to his son Franklin, Samaritan's Purse landed right behind our troops in Afghanistan. Franklin has devoted himself to this mission opportunity.

  • mcorson2 Nov 30, 2011

    RWS- Need to show some respect here, even if you don't like the man or your not with the flock, this man has done great many things with Money and not lived the rich life like you think!! do your homework, look at all the good he has done for mankind!!! you better be carful of the great one because he knows your throwing stones at the wrong one--period!!!

  • tired2 Nov 30, 2011

    mfarmer1 - I misread your first line...no ignorance regarding that - my bad....and you are certainly entitled to your feelings on his speaking ability.

    to others, like haggis basher, cowardly statements. Not saying you have to like or even agree with people like Billy Graham,,,but what the heck have you done to make this world a better place - and if you come back with military, then you fully misunderstand that peace is achieved in many different ways. Take off the blinders.

  • luvbailey Nov 30, 2011

    Hagis, dwntwnboy and a few others don't believe in God. That's okay, they have every right not to believe.

    But one day they will believe.

  • trekkie13 Nov 30, 2011

    BubbaDuke stated: "Probably the greatest evangelist since the apostle Paul. He has lived his life well and has an eternity to enjoy the rewards of his faithfulness....unlike some of the people commenting here."

    The Apostle Paul would not be in agreement with Billy Graham. Billy Graham has had some very questionable views in the past couple of decades. I wish him well though.

  • haggis basher Nov 30, 2011

    ""He has done everything by the book"

    What book would that be? the one that says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven or that the rich man should give away all his possessions and follow me? So what part of that do you think he didn't understand?