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Patient dies shortly after forced discharge from Fayetteville hospital

Posted November 23, 2011

— The family of a 30-year-old Harnett County man who died on the way home from an 8-day stay at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center says the hospital discharged him against his will.

Adarrin "Jonte" Washington was being treated for pneumonia, but when the hospital tried to send him home on Tuesday, he refused to sign the paperwork, his mother told WRAL News on Wednesday.

"He had been saying he didn't want to go home. He said he didn't want to go home because he told them something was wrong with him," said Deborah Washington. "(But the hospital said) they couldn't find anything wrong with him."

It wasn't the first lengthy hospital stay for Washington, who had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was hospitalized for a month earlier this fall, his family said.

On Tuesday, the hospital arranged for one of their vans to take him home, but when the driver arrived to pick him up, he found Washington unresponsive. The driver called the nursing supervisor, the family said.

"Their response was, 'He does this all the time. He does not want to go home,'" Washington's cousin, Shamekia Powell, said.

Adarrin "Jonte" Washington Man dies on way home from Fayetteville hospital stay

Powell said Washington's past behavior should not have determined his lack of treatment. 

"Whether he (does it all the time) or not, if he's telling you he's unresponsive, somebody should have checked this man out," she said.

By the time the driver brought Washington home, he was cold to the touch, Deborah Washington said.

"My son was laying his head back, his eyes rolled back in his head," she said. "My son was dead before he even got there."

The hospital has come under fire recently for patient treatment in the emergency room. At least two lawsuits have been filed in recent weeks, including one from a woman who said a hospital security officer put her mentally ill husband in a choke hold, killing him.

No one at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center would comment on Washington's death or whether it's being investigated, citing patient confidentiality laws. Hospital spokeswoman Janet Conway said in a statement that the hospital takes patient safety very seriously.

"We only discharge patients from the hospital when it has been medically determined that the patient no longer requires hospitalization," the statement said. "In these cases, patients are given written discharge instructions for their at-home care and may be reassessed by a physician or nurse if they verbalize a reluctance to go home."

A cause of death for Washington has not been determined, pending the results of an autopsy.


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  • berttheramman Dec 1, 2011

    I have lived in this area for 29 years and had never been to Cape Fear Valley until last week when I arrived there by ambulance with a heart condition. I do not know the curcumstances around this story (none of us do), but I have no insurance and I was just release from there yesterday. I have to say I could not have been treated any better and I would take either one of my children there and have no worries at all. They just saved my life so I beg that everyone please not pass judgement until all the facts are determined.

  • SouthernGirlJD Nov 28, 2011

    Ive never really cared for CFVH...Prayers for his family.

  • tmathis2005 Nov 24, 2011

    I don't care how many times he does not want to go home.That nurse should have took the time to check his vitals.. omg.. this is distrubing. he cried for help and NO one helped him..but God is just and he knows all about it.. and God does things for reasons. maybe this will bring attention to the situation and it will get fixed.. im sorry someone had to lose a son, brother, cousin or family member to have these issues addressed. RIP

  • touchthewindrider Nov 24, 2011

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Health Care Reform. duh.... you nonthinkers need to THINK before you open your stupid mouths! This is purely the actions of Cafe FEAR Valley Hospital and their greed. It costs them money the longer a patient stays in the hospital. Medicare bases it's reimbursement rate on length of stay...let's see, the Repukins' want to decease Medicare coverage...oh yeah!!!! duh....

  • granny1957 Nov 24, 2011

    This is horrible!! Prayers to the family and I hope that Cape Fear fires the nurse. This young man went to the hospital for help and they have let him down and the whole community. Prayers to all his family and RIP Jonte!

  • joannespann Nov 24, 2011

    My prayers are with the family.

  • soyousay Nov 24, 2011

    CMS and JCHCO will be arriving shortly. If they find this did happen as described, this hospital will be put in immediate jeaprody and forced to clean up. and it should if it is even remotely accurate. Hospitals call this squeezing human beings through the hospital as fast as they can to turn over the bed "through-put" not care, but through put. I see the family is reading this, they should contact DFS (state) and the Joint commission of the acceditationof hospitals immediately. Southern California is notorius for this. Poor kid. Can you imagine his fear?

  • fayncmike Nov 24, 2011

    "Once obumercare quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors faster than you can say "hope and change".

    Once Blue Cross/Shield quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors.

    Once Medicare quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors.

    Once Medicade quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors.

    Once TriStar quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors.

    Once you quits paying your bill, you'll be out my doors.

    Do you get the picture?????

  • fayncmike Nov 24, 2011

    ""This is some of that hope and change you folks voted for...obamacare in action, ain't it great??"

    I wonder what part of "Obamacare" law caused them to shove this patient out the door? Give me a break.
    Plenty Coups"

    It doesn't matter that this story has nothing to do with and is in no way affected by President Obama's health care overhauls. The main thing is to give the whiners something to whine about.

  • vondez81 Nov 24, 2011

    To all this man is and was my cousin My name is Dionte and his name was Jonte thats how close we were. To die on your birthday is something I never wish on anyone. I know everyone who comments has the right to free speech but please be aware that relatives do happen to read these post. To all showing concern thank you and God Bless