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Suspect in Wake deputy shooting dies

Posted November 18, 2011
Updated November 21, 2011

— A man accused of getting into a shootout with Wake County deputies Thursday night has died from his injuries, according to the sheriff's office.

Mark Brandon Zareski, 56, died at WakeMed. He was accused of beating his wife, Diane Zareski, 28, and then firing on deputies who responded to the house at 208 Gail Ridge Lane near Wendell.

Deputy Jeff Martin, 26, was injured in the shooting, but was saved by his bulletproof vest, according to authorities. He was released from WakeMed early Friday.

Mark Zareski underwent surgery Thursday night and was in critical condition before he died. His wife was also treated at the hospital and was released over the weekend. 

A neighbor called 911 after Diane Zareski showed up at his home, bleeding profusely from the forehead, saying she had been beaten with a liquor bottle.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office released 911 recordings and radio traffic from the shooting. Several voices can be heard on the deputies' radio traffic, with the scene becoming more tense as time goes on. WRAL News listened to the recordings and heard some of the following exchanges:

Deputy Jeff Martin Wake deputy shooting: 'Shots fired! Shots fired!'

"Shots fired! Shots fired! I’m pinned down behind my vehicle. Shots fired! Shots fired!"

"He’s shooting at us!"

"He’s trying to shoot at us through the window. He barricaded himself in the house. He’s turning off the lights. He’s in the living room. He’s turning all the lights out."

"(He’s) in the house. He has a long gun."

"We’re pinned down."

"Shots fired!"

"Wait, he’s shooting at us again. He’s still firing. I think he’s got a shotgun."

"Tell the other units not to come down here. If they come down here, they’re just going to get pinned down too. Just tell them to secure the area around the house and make sure everybody gets back in their houses."

"Everybody hold your positions and hold cover."

"No one get near the house. Maintain cover."

"Shots fired! Shots fired! He just shot at me!"

"You want to start evacuating people?"

"He appears to have taken shrapnel to the vest, but he is 10-4."

"We got a female, appears she's been beaten."


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