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Wake deputy, suspect shot near Wendell

Posted November 17, 2011
Updated November 18, 2011

— A Wake County sheriff's deputy and a suspect were both shot after authorities responded to a domestic dispute call at 208 Gail Ridge Lane near Wendell Thursday night, according to the sheriff's office.

Mark Brandon Zareski, 56, is accused of beating his wife, Diane Zareski, 28, and then shooting a deputy who responded to her call for help, authorities said. Deputies returned fire, injuring the man.

First Class Deputy Jeff Martin, 26, was in good condition at WakeMed and was expected to be released late Thursday or early Friday, according to Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Martin was wearing a bullet-proof vest, which saved his life, Harrison said. He has been with the department four years.

Mark Zareski was in surgery at WakeMed Thursday night. His condition was not available. Diane Zareski was also being treated at the hospital for injuries she suffered during a beating, according to authorities.

No other information was released.


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  • welfare blows Nov 18, 2011

    Thanks You thepeopleschamp!!!!!! You said a mouth full and so right about that.....

  • busymomof2 Nov 18, 2011

    Thank you so much for your service! I don't think our local LEO's here that enough. They walk into situtions everyday that most of us would run from. A close call like that is always scary, I hope he will bounce back and continue serving our community! The deadbeat that shot him should be locked up for life!

  • Karmageddon Nov 18, 2011

    So it was her Dad that shot the deputy?

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 18, 2011

    It never ceases to amaze me, had this same Deputy been at fault in a minor fender bender there would be 200+ comments screaming about a police state if he is not fired by noon. But when a Deputy takes a bullet while answering a call for help from a total stranger there are a few dozen well wishes comments at most. Thank you Deputy, there are people that appreciate you.

  • PanthersFan45 Nov 18, 2011

    Probably many will find this irrelevant but seeing that this guy is twice the womans age (old enough to be her dad) it seems like they would be generations apart in terms of interests and thinking. He's obviously old enough to be her father, but still, beating a woman is cowardice by a man. If there's a disagreement walk away and find somewhere to cool off. This should prompt a divorce but sometimes women will not walk away in a relationship, go figure.

  • working for deadbeats Nov 18, 2011

    Thanks for your service, Dep Martin. Very grateful that you are ok.

  • Just the facts mam Nov 18, 2011

    SOOOO glad the Officer is going to be alrigh - obviously this could have turned on much worse than it did. Thanks to all law enforcement officers out there who work to keep the rest of us safe!!!

  • didisaythat Nov 18, 2011

    Have you thanked a Law Enforcement Officer today? I doubt it, but I bet there have been several to critcize one today.

  • TeenDAD Nov 18, 2011

    He Should Be Charged With Attempted Murder, Assault On A Deputy, And Domestic Violence, Along With Anything Else They Can Charge Him With.
    Click to view my profile mfarmer1
    November 18, 2011 8:43 a.m.
    [abuse] Report abuse

    You should be charged with unnecessary capitalization.

  • Lead by Example Nov 18, 2011

    Glad the deputy is ok, and I hope that the suspect is convicted of attempted murder and given the maximum sentence.