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Man charged in Halifax hit-and-run had pending DWI, drug charges

Posted November 16, 2011

— A Halifax County man who faces murder charges after two people were killed Monday night in a hit-and-run had pending driving while impaired and cocaine possession charges from October, the Halifax County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.

Luke Henry Harvey, 45, has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and one count each of felony hit-and-run, DWI and driving with a revoked license in Monday's incident.

Authorities said he was charged in October with DWI, driving with a revoked license and possession of cocaine.

State Department of Correction records show that Harvey was convicted of DWI in 1999 and convicted four times of driving with a revoked license between 1999 and 2002.

He was being held Wednesday under a $250,000 bond in the Halifax County jail.

The latest charges stem from the discovery of two bodies in a ditch along State Road 1357 near Littleton. Authorities said they believe Harvey was driving south around 10:55 p.m. when he struck Calvin Harris, 57, of Littleton, and Joycelyn Lynch, 37.

Doris Harris, who was married to Calvin Harris for 23 years before they divorced a few years ago, said her ex-husband knew Harvey.

"(Calvin) drove (Luke) around, drove his truck here, there, everywhere," Doris Harris said. "He always wanted to do good for other people."

The sheriff's office confirmed that Harvey knew Lynch and Calvin Harris, but would not elaborate on those relationships.

Doris Harris said she Calvin Harris had three children together, and that he had another child from a different relationship. She said her family was still in shock about what happened.

"Nobody deserves to be killed, period. And, (for it) to be done like that, no," Doris Harris said.

Lynch had three children and one grandchild, according to the sheriff's office.


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  • wisabear70 Nov 17, 2011

    This story is so familiar. my daughter was killed last year in Wilson County under pretty much the same circumstances. The man that killed my daughter was driving on a revoked license, had prior DUI, other traffic offenses and too many criminal charges to name. He was slapped on the wrist over and over again. Due to the "justice" systems inadequecies this man murdered my daughter nad her friend. I contacted numerous lawyers all of whom whould have loved to help me sue the county if it didnt have immunity. The judges and DAs need to be held responsible for their actions as well as the criminals. They can make any decision they choose and not have to deal with the fallout after their decisions are made. I hope all who were involved in letting this man and the man that murdered my daughter walk the streets can sleep at night because I sure cant!!!

  • gingerlynn Nov 17, 2011

    Went to court for expired registration one day. Court room was full of Driving with Revoked license or No Operators License. ALl they get is small fine and then they DRIVE away.

  • Just the facts mam Nov 17, 2011

    Ah yes - our great Justice System. Although the ultimate responsibility rests with the driver, our Justice System needs to take some responsibility also.

  • carolinadrew Nov 16, 2011

    Oh yes, what a shame we can not punish an officer of the court for allowing the privilege of bail to a man who had been charged with three crimes, but nothing capital punishment eligible. A bigger problem will come if we start punishing judges for giving out the appropriate bail/sentence for what they have in front of them at the time. Any case that is not a death penalty case is eligible for bail. So before you punish a judge for not being Mrs Cleo, do a little research. Hint... this requires you read more than your local news webpage

  • babedan Nov 16, 2011

    To bad they can't sue the Judge that let him out on bail