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Fayetteville State police probe dorm robbery, separate shooting

Posted November 13, 2011
Updated November 14, 2011

— Gunmen assaulted two Fayetteville State University students in their dorm room early Sunday in the fourth armed robbery at student housing since last school year.

Fayetteville police are also investigating a shooting at a restaurant near campus Saturday evening in which no one was injured.

FSU spokesman Jeff Womble said that four to six men broke into a dorm room around 2 a.m., assaulted two students and stole about $500, a debit card, a computer, clothing and tennis shoes. Bird-shot pellets struck a bed and two other pieces of furniture.

One student was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, while another was treated at the scene. Womble said their injuries were sustained during a physical assault, not from being shot.

An e-mail alert sent to students early Sunday said that two students who live in a second-floor room in Bryant Hall opened their door when someone knocked and identified himself as the resident assistant.

Students assaulted, robbed in Fayetteville State dorms Students assaulted, robbed in Fayetteville State dorms

The alert states that five men demanded money and drugs, but Womble said it's not known if the robbery was drug related.

He said it's also not clear if the robbery is connected to a shooting near campus around 7 p.m. Saturday.

A gunman walked into the Chinese Garden restaurant in Bronco Square, across from campus, and fired four shots at customers, Womble said. The customers fled the restaurant, and the gunman also went outside and fired one shot before running away.

FSU students were present in the restaurant at the time, but it's not clear if they were the targets, Womble said.

Fayetteville police are investigating the incidents. No arrests have been made.

A student was also robbed at gunpoint outside a dormitory Tuesday night, according to a security alert sent out to students.

As the student entered Honors Hall around 10 p.m., two to three men approached him and began talking to him, according to campus police. One man pulled out a handgun and stole property from the student, then fled the area.

In February, another student was robbed in his dormitory room by an armed man, according to a release on FSU police's website.

A masked man knocked on the student's door around 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 25 and, once in the room, struggled with the student, the release states. The man placed a semiautomatic handgun against the student's forehead and demanded money.


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  • SouthernGirlJD Nov 15, 2011

    The biggest problem surrounding FSU is the actual community surrounding the school! They need to do something about the neighborhood!

  • juliestoneham Nov 14, 2011

    I am a grad student at FSU, and I can tell you how hard the school and the students work to give and get an education. I am most concerned about the students living on campus and them feeling safe. Its a shame for any student at any college campus to feel unsafe, and can cause a young adult significant emotional stress.. Before you judge by "statistical facts" go there and talk to the students. someone said don't judge someone unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. Perhaps the culture needs to be understood. And I am Caucasian, and proud to be at FSU. I know the school and instructors do their best and a fine job at that. I know students come from many backgrounds, and they are also doing their best.

  • varmstrong11 Nov 14, 2011

    PART3(word count): SO...Before you start bashing the GREAT EDUCATION, MENTORING, AND GUIDANCE that is given to the students that attend FSU DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Almost 1/5 of the student population is Caucasian, 40% of the currently enrolled students are adult learners that have careers, family, education, etc. and a great deal of the student population are members of the US Army. I'll even add that most of the teachers and Principals in Cumberland County and the neighboring counties are graduates of the School Of Education at Fayetteville State University! I am sure that there will be some discussion of how to improve the student safety on campus as a result of these incidents, but it is totally unfair to discredit the Academic Integrity of the University based on the acts of unaffiliated fools. Kindest Regards...

  • varmstrong11 Nov 14, 2011

    hmm...its mighty funny how people in this forum are so quick to speak negatively anytime something happens at FSU? Did anyone one else notice how the story above has links to "related stories" where NCSU and DUKE also had recent armed robberies on AND near campus? Or did anyone see the headlines about the UNC-CH student(s)who robbed the bank last week (armed)? OR does anyone recall the ECU student who KILLED a soldier two weeks ago during homecoming weekend??? OF COURSE NOT! That would be too much like right! I say this over and over and I will say it again: FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY IS A GREAT INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING! And for the record, NO I did not go to school there so I am not biased! NOT ONE of these recent incidents on or near FSU mentioned an FSU student committing any of these crimes...(unlike the other state institutions I mentioned above). The University cannot be held accountable or pucnoshed or badmouthed becuase of where it is geographically located. Th

  • same ole story Nov 14, 2011

    Why don't they close that "hood" school down. Everytime I go past it my doors are locked and the windows rolled up tight. What are they teaching there?? I used to work with them as a vendor and the library was usually empty but the basketball court was always full. That school really needs a shut down for a year and revamp the whole system!!! Start from scratch!!

  • psautry Nov 14, 2011

    ARCOP, I was referring to Fayetteville State "University" police. But thanks for the education on inner agencies. I was not placing "State" as in our state in the conversation.

  • Diabolical Nov 14, 2011

    quote "Just think our tax paying money goes to this school...what a waste 12% graduation rate too." Rico

    Oh and Rico, to blame the school on that rate is MUTE. It's the students responsibility if they want to learn, not the schools and not the teachers. If the student slacks off, that's on them. And I have seen the slackers. Don't want to show up, don't want do their homework, and just want to get the grade for enrolling in the class. That is not on the state, teachers or the school. The rate is purely on the students willing to do the work. And yes some teachers can be difficult, but once you learn their style and what they are looking for, that student should have no problem passing with a High C or B. [Slackers only]. Students who do, do the work, pass with the high A's and B's. So, no there is no excuse. But, you have to remember some of these kids are fresh in high school and out of high school, who view college as a party game.

  • ARCOP223 Nov 14, 2011

    There is no such thing as "Fayetteville State police" It's Fayetteville State University Police. NC does not have a State Police. We have a Highway Patrol, SBI, ABC, and a bunch of other agencies. But no "State Police".

  • psautry Nov 14, 2011

    I used to work as a Police Officer at this campus. It is amazing if the public knew the loop holes and protcols that are neglected upon by this school. The do not follow procedure during emergency situation. People panic and rather act like security guards. There are reason why the department can not investigate anything other than a misdemeanor. Trust me FSU Police is the tool carrier in this investiagtion. If any arrest are going to be made it will be by the city. I gurantee no officers were in the area when this happened. And the Police Station is a rock throw away.

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 14, 2011

    The "hood" in education. Is this a new circrulum at the school?