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'Occupy Raleigh' protesters not allowed to camp behind City Hall

Posted November 8, 2011

— Occupy Raleigh protesters hoping to set up a permanent base behind City Hall will not be allowed to do so, a city committee decided Tuesday.

About 200 protesters attended a City Council meeting last week, asking permission to set up the base so they could camp, sleep, eat and have a portable bathroom.

Raleigh's Law and Public Safety Committee nixed the group's request, citing concerns about security, cost, noise, potential crime and setting a precedent of changing the city's policy, which does not allow camping on city property.

"In the past few years, we've enacted laws to prevent sleeping in the parks, because we had a large homeless population sleeping in the parks," said Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin.

The protesters, who've been praised by police for their relative peacefulness compared with other cities, were disappointed.

"I'm not the only one feeling a sense of betrayal by the government," said Michael Davitt.

Joseph Huberman said he thinks the council made the decision out of fear.

"I think it was fear, fear about what would happen in the future, fear about what's happening other places," he said.

In the end, city leaders agreed to help the group find a spot on private property.

"I think we should help, and we already are," said Councilman John Odom. "I think our rules and regulations allow what they're trying to do to come across. It just doesn't allow it 24/7."

'Occupy Raleigh' protesters can't camp behind City Hall 'Occupy Raleigh' protesters can't camp behind City Hall

WRAL News has learned that Mayor-elect Nancy McFarlane is working behind the scenes to try to help the protesters secure a private parking lot on Hillsborough Street.

McFarlane said Tuesday that she cannot reveal the name of the private property owner she has been negotiating with. However, she is hoping to have a spot for the group by next Tuesday's council meeting.

Since the demonstrators began their occupation outside the State Capitol about three weeks ago, 28 people have been arrested, Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan said last week. Still, he added, the protest has caused "very few problems" overall.


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  • gunny462 Nov 9, 2011

    "Occupy White House Sign. I am the 9%. The 9% unemployed!!!!

    Don't believe the lies, it's closer to 20% unemployed

  • gunny462 Nov 9, 2011

    "oh, so Buffet sent a check to the IRS for more than he owed? I hadn't heard about that...and neither has Obama for that matter. All hypocrites trying to buy votes with the middle class' money.arfamr1007"

    No, in fact he owes over $1bil in back taxes LOL I love using the puffinton post on progressives.


  • missdawg Nov 9, 2011

    A permit to be on PUBLIC property is just another example of how government corruption has taken over our lives (which is what started these protests in the first place). As long as they are making money off of it, they are going to keep stripping us of our constitutional rights. I am amazed at how many people don't mind that the document that was a foundation of this once great nation is being trampled all over.

  • parkranger72 Nov 9, 2011

    By the way, the world is not fair!!! Live with it and be thankful for what you do have.

  • parkranger72 Nov 9, 2011

    protest your hearts out, longer your out there, more money is wasted on you. We have heard your opinion. So stop wasting taxpayers money and go home. 50,000 could have employed two people for a year.

  • Nancy Nov 9, 2011

    "With your attitude, I'd think 1000 people must suffer. You would be living on the backs of 1000 that labor for you. Now if 1000 people decided to start a service company and share in the profits the suffering would be lessened."

    Did all 1,000 put money into making the business a reality, or just one?

  • PokeyGirl Nov 9, 2011

    Sure, give them a permanent place to be squatters...I mean meaningfully protest *rolling eyes*.

  • Karmageddon Nov 9, 2011

    Ask not what you can do for your country but demand what your country should do for you

  • paddie Nov 9, 2011

    godnessgracious2 you're quoting Che Guevara?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A Marxist revolutionary...you're just confirming what Glenn Beck predicted. It cracks me up everytime I see a self proclaimed gay wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt since he would kill a homosexual as soon as look at them. Get educated people!

  • godnessgracious2 Nov 9, 2011

    So if I start a company, say a service company, and I do well, employee 1000 people then how many people must suffer in your pretend world of make believe???

    With your attitude, I'd think 1000 people must suffer. You would be living on the backs of 1000 that labor for you. Now if 1000 people decided to start a service company and share in the profits the suffering would be lessened.