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Raleigh man who wandered from treatment center found safe

Posted November 3, 2011

— A Raleigh man who was the subject of a Silver Alert Thursday after wandering away from a treatment center has been found, police said.

Adam Root, 29, was found near New Bern Avenue by his physical therapist just after 8 p.m., his wife, Amy Root, told WRAL News.

"There is power in prayer. That is how Adam is still here now," Amy Root said. 

Amy Root said her husband had scrapes on his leg where he might have fallen. Adam Root could not clearly communicate what happened to him, so she was taking him to UNC Hospitals as a precaution.

adam root Silver Alert subject found safe

Amy Root believes her husband was disoriented when he wandered away from Learning Services, 5301 Robbins Drive, where he receives treatment for a traumatic brain injury suffered during a motocross accident in May 2010.

The couple have an 11-year-old daughter.


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  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Nov 4, 2011

    Thank God he was found safe!

  • goozleboy Nov 4, 2011

    I am happy all turned out okay, but I am still left wondering why the guy was looking for the safe in the first place. Please, no applause folks. It's a Freebie Friday. :-)

  • LovemyPirates Nov 4, 2011

    JAT - Have you ever been to one of these treatment centers? The therapists have many patients all being treated at the same time. They go from one to the next to the next like a merry-go-round. Only the very rich can afford to go to a center where they receive one-on-one treatment/therapy. This could happen at almost any center and is sad, but the protections against this are thin and can't be "coded" so they are skipped and the money continues to flow up - to the highest paid among us.
    Thank you everyone who does this hard and often not appreciated work.

  • Native Kansan Nov 4, 2011

    I "commend" you, my apologies for the typo...

  • Native Kansan Nov 4, 2011

    Amy, I comment you for your commitment to Adam. I know that love and marriage are supposed to be unconditional, but in today's world of easy endings, you are a wonderful example. Best wishes to you both, and may Adam's condition continue to improve!

  • JAT Nov 4, 2011

    Very sad. Can't believe his caretaker would let him how of his/her sight.

  • Z Man Nov 4, 2011

    Excellent for Adam and Amy.

  • lee0908 Nov 4, 2011

    We live right near this center and kept an eye out for him during our evening walk. I commend his family, caretakers, and the LEO for their advanced search. I'm glad he is safe, I was worried for him and his family.

  • zile1porkey Nov 4, 2011

    I was wondering why Helicopters were flying over my subdivision yesterday. Glad they found him I knew they had to be looking for someone.

  • cyauch Nov 4, 2011

    I am SO glad Adam was found safe! I stayed up half the night reading the family blog. Wow. This family has been through so much since Adam's accident, I can only imagine how frightening it was to not know where he was. So very glad he is safe in his family's arms again!!