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Children wounded in Durham shooting head home

Posted October 24, 2011

— Two children wounded Sunday in a Durham shooting were released Monday afternoon from Duke University Hospital, and authorities offered a reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Au-Nestii Hagans, 1, was shot in the arm, and Anaryiion Hagans, 3, was shot in the hand when someone opened fire Sunday afternoon on North Driver Street. The two children were inside a home at 204-A N. Driver St. at the time.

"I'm blessed for them to be here because it could have been worse than that," the children's mother, Dominique Hagans, said Monday. "It's hard when they go to sleep because all they do is cry."

Police said an altercation occurred on the sidewalk at 210 N. Driver St. before the gunfire started. According to preliminary reports, the shots might have been fired from a blue sedan with tinted windows.

Troy Lee Howard, 48, was visiting family on the street, according to his brother, and was shot in the thigh outside 210 N. Driver St. He underwent surgery Monday to repair broken bones from his hip to his knee, but he could be released from the hospital Tuesday, his brother said.

Investigators were still trying Monday to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. They said there was no evidence that Howard was the intended victim of the gunman.

Crime Stoppers has offered a reward of up to $1,200 for tips that lead to an arrest in the case.

Resident Ken DePlanche Jr. said Driver Street has been the site of several drive-by shootings.

"It's been crazy on this block," DePlanche said. "Our house been shot at two or three times in the last nine months."

Anaryiion Hagans Mom says she won't return to neighborhood where children shot

Durham Deputy Police Chief Stephen Mihaich disputed characterizations that the street was getting out of control. Before Sunday, he said, there had been three shootings in the last seven months – one self-inflicted and the other two people were shot on their porches.

"Certainly, one shooting, and certainly, one shooting involving children is one too many," Mihaich said. "If (residents) see people out there with guns and they see people shooting, they need to call us."

Hagans said she doesn't plan to return to Driver Street, adding that she worries that her children's wounds will leave physical and emotional scars.

"I'm going to go back and clean up and get my clothes, but I'm not going to stay there. I don't want my kids in that environment anymore," she said.

Like police, she begged for area residents to come forward with any information about the shooting.

"People just need to sit down and think about their actions sometimes. They actually don't affect (just) themselves. They affect other people (and) other people's families and children," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 919-560-4281, extension 29123, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • A.V.N. Oct 26, 2011

    My prayers go out to the family and that if they can leave this town that will be in their best interest. For the safety of themselves and the children. I think that it should be child abuse to have children in this town. Too much violence! Not enough police work!

  • A.V.N. Oct 26, 2011

    I hate living in this town...Everything here involves a bullet taking an innocent person's life...Everyone says that it's like this everywhere you go. Look i lived in Cary for the longest time and i heard nothing of this happening and the Police in Cary actually do their job! Go ahead on bull city make the downtown area with Gold fountains if you want but that's not gonna change the way people feel unsafe here and that they should carry arms to protect themselves when they come here. Turning downtown into a monument is not going to change the violence here and it's gonna get worse. Looks to me that the bull city is trying to attract innocent people to get hurt by coming here... I mean look this isn't the first time i heard of a child getting shot by gunfire! I seen it a couple of years ago and it's not right! I hate this town and i am going to leave it the first chance that i get...

  • Wendellcatlover Oct 25, 2011

    Talk about some beautiful kids! It's horrible that this has happened to them so early in their lives. I'm so glad to hear she's moving her children from that area. Their safety and security is the most important thing. I thank the Lord above he was watching over them.

  • Nancy Oct 25, 2011

    "One thing is for sure: that crimestoppers reward is awful low. If this had happened in Cary, crimestoppers would be offering a lot more money."

    You do realize that the funding for crimestoppers is set up on donations, right?

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Oct 25, 2011

    One thing is for sure: that crimestoppers reward is awful low. If this had happened in Cary, crimestoppers would be offering a lot more money. On the other hand, I am glad that the mother is planning to get her children off of that street. It doesn't make sense that defenseless little ones can't even sit in their own home without fear of being victimized by stray bullets. And as much as I do believe that media can be biased at times, the if I lived in Durham right now, I would move.

  • Nancy Oct 25, 2011

    People hear things and see things and do nothing to help police, and yet they blame them for not being there.

    Is this part of that stupid no snitching rule?

  • dramadeedee Oct 24, 2011

    God bless this family

  • shortcake53 Oct 24, 2011

    God Bless those children and keep them safe. As well as all the other innocent residents of that neighborhood. I truely hope things improve for you, and soon.

  • olivebranch Oct 24, 2011

    Why does it seem that the cop was mad at the people in the neighborhood for being shot at? He sure had quite a tone...he should be on their side right???

  • durham4sale Oct 24, 2011

    WRAL your bias is showing....crime map and statistics for Durham story. Change stabbing headline from "Cary" to Wake count and NO crime map or statistics for Wake county...this is an ongoing theme.