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Two children, man injured in Durham shooting

Posted October 23, 2011
Updated October 24, 2011

— Bullets struck two children inside a house when someone opened fire along a Durham street Sunday afternoon, police said. Neighbors said they saw three masked people drive up in a car and begin shooting at houses in the neighborhood.

Dominique Hagans said her daughter, 1-year-old Au-Nestii Hagans, was shot in the arm and her son, 3-year-old Anaryiion Hagans, was shot in the hand.

"I went to pick up my baby and my baby was in a puddle of blood," Hagans said. "I just started panicking."

The children were recovering at Duke Hospital Sunday evening.

Au-Nestii Hagans Bullets strike children inside Durham home

"My daughter just keeps crying. My son, he's strong. He's not crying," Hagans said. "All he keeps telling me is somebody shot him."

Troy Lee Howard, 48, was shot in the thigh while he was visiting family on the street, his brother told WRAL News.

"We just heard gunfire and then I asked him, I said, 'Man, are you all right?" And he said, "No, I've been shot," Charles Howard said. 

Police said that an altercation occurred on the sidewalk at 210 N. Driver St., and that Howard was shot around 1:15 p.m. Bullets that missed him entered a house at 204 1/2 N. Driver St. and struck the children.

It wasn't clear whether Howard was the intended target of the shooting.

Police said they were interviewing witnesses and did not yet have a suspect in the case.

Neighbors said they believe the shooting was in retaliation for recent crime in the area.

"It's no joke over here. If it isn't this house, it's that house," Miriam Liles said. "If it isn't that house, it's the house down the street."


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  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Oct 25, 2011

    Had a friend that lived in Durham in the late 80s. She hated it and moved away in less than a year. Residents need to wake up and realize that most of the city is a dump.... North Durham is a haven for illegals and criminals. I remember going to Northgate Mall with my parents in the late 70s and early 80s. It was ok then, but it changed quickly in the late 80s. Seems like it became the city of medicine to help heal the crime victims...

  • dryjr Oct 24, 2011

    I also love how someone just went and changed the headline in the Cary stabbing to read"Wake county". This is what all the comments are really about so you can feel better about where you live,make others feel worse.

  • beaupeep Oct 24, 2011

    dryjr: there was a stabbing just outside CARY today.

  • bombayrunner Oct 24, 2011

    Not sure what was wrong with my earlier post ... the question was wat can be done to curb this kind of crime.

    My resp was ... back in gangland where I grew up the police used helocopters at night patrolling everywhere. Then they set a curfew at 11p. Then assigned a task force to hunt down dirveby's with incredible pressure. Then blocked off certain roads so they could basically see who was going where and discouraged crusin' among young adults and kids.

    The result was that it was basically impossible for troublemakers to be hanging around anywhere or somewhere causing problems without getting caught.

  • dryjr Oct 24, 2011

    I'll try once more
    There was a stabbing in CARY today,carjacking and robbery in Raleigh,assault in Wendell,robbery in Garner,shooting in Fayetteville.

  • Ambygirl Oct 24, 2011

    Coach K-- Golo is gone now. You can still post and you will be monitored, but Golo stopped being a part of WRAL as of 9/21? I believe that was the date......

  • Coach K is still GREAT Oct 24, 2011

    does anyone know where I can go to see if my posts are getting posted (besides the this comment section)? I use to be able to click on the GOLO tab and it would let me know if my comments have been posted... I don't see the GOLO tab any longer...

  • boneymaroney13 Oct 24, 2011

    WRAL - you have a biased person screening posts!!!

  • Tarheel born Oct 24, 2011

    Prayers for the kids.......the whole story is not being told - yet.

  • heavy machinary Oct 24, 2011

    "Does anyone have any real suggestions on how to curb crime?"

    Yup swift justice, harsher prison sentences and zero tolerance for violent crimes.