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NC State to rally against vandalism at GLBT center

Posted October 19, 2011

— North Carolina State University students are responding to vandalism at the gay and lesbian student center with a rally to show support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community at the school.

The Ally Rally, set for 12:30 p.m. Thursday in the campus' Brickyard, comes as campus police are trying to find out who spray-painted a homophobic slur and the words "burn" and "die" on the door of the N.C. State GLBT Center Monday night.

Organizers are planning to pass out purple wristbands to attendees as a way to show solidarity on campus, according to a Web posting for the event.

In a letter to the university community Wednesday, N.C. State's provost and executive vice chancellor, Warwick Arden, condemned what he called a "thoughtless and shameful act of vandalism and harassment" against the center and the campus.

"Not only are we a diverse campus community, we encourage open and civil discussion on difficult issues – the kind of discussion that allows us to gain greater respect and a better understanding of each other," Arden said.

"I am encouraged and proud to hear that once again, students, staff, faculty and administration are taking a stand in the face of a hateful act," he added.

Student leaders also criticized the incident.

"Any speech or actions intended to harass, intimidate, or degrade others is unacceptable and together we must confront and denounce it in every corner of our university," they wrote in a joint statement.

University spokesman Keith Nichols said Wednesday that there were no updates in the investigation. Police hope surveillance cameras outside Harrelson Hall, where the GLBT Center's office is located, will help identify the culprit.

Whoever is responsible could face criminal charges for vandalizing state property, school officials have said, as well as sanctions by the university for violating the Code of Student Conduct. It prohibits any student or group from harassing another student or group based upon race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

N.C. State's campus police and, ultimately, the Wake County District Attorney's Office would determine whether the vandalism warrants a hate crime charge.

"It's a little unnerving. This isn't free expression," the GLBT Center's director, Justine Hollingshead, said Tuesday. "It was directed at the GLBT community and occurred right at the center of campus. It certainly proves that we have work to do."


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  • katydid00900 Oct 25, 2011

    ivy- Thank you! You are 100% correct. No matter what they were for or against they committed a crime. No one can argue that! Just because you want to hold someone accountable for vandalism does NOT mean you are taking away their right to free speech.

    Sheperd- I never said you couldn't disapprove of someone else. As a matter of fact that was the first half of my statement you quoted "You don't have to agree with how everyone lives their lives.." My point was that there are hundreds of student groups - religious- race based- gender based- sexual orientation based-etc and on the NC state campus they all have a right to meet, feel protected, and they all have rights to protect them against discrimination. As someone else said earlier you don't get to go through the list and pick the groups that are deserving of a place to meet. NC State has made that decision and they are deserving whether you like it or not.

  • ivyandnoah Oct 21, 2011

    Are you people for real right now? This is not a case of people politely disagreeing with the gay "lifestyle" (whatever that is). Nor is it about "freedom of speech." It's a bunch of vandals spraypainting threats against other human beings. I don't care who the threats are against, that is wrong. You don't have to approve of homosexuality to disapprove of that.

  • fitteryou Oct 20, 2011

    You see, this blog doesnt even allow you to use derogatory terms as an example.

  • wildcat Oct 20, 2011

    or perhaps have Mrs Wuf dress-up like Mr. Wuf and just have 2 Mr. Wufs.
    Dr. Obvious


  • wildcat Oct 20, 2011


  • barbstillkickin Oct 20, 2011

    Well freedom of speech is gone people. If your gay who cares it is your life but stop jumping on the band wagon every time some one speaks. They spray cause they do not like it and they can not say that because it might offend some one. Well there goes freedom of speech. I will say what I want and if you do not like it leave my FREE Country and go elsewhere. I do not like Obama, I do not like Gays, I do not like stupid kids, I do not like activist and so on and so on. Now do something about it. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK. I WILL SAY WHAT I THINK.

  • Chairman of the Bored Oct 20, 2011

    "What's very irritating is if you disagree with this lifestyle in anyway then you're considered a hate monger and a homophobe." -meeper

    No, what's irritating is when someone who disagrees with this innate characteristic of a segment of the population decides to do stupid things like spray paint hate like this. This isn't free expression, it's ignorant vandalism.

    The political correctness in this country isn't getting ridiculous, it's ridiculous that we still have intolerant uneducated people.

    You can believe and think what you want, but there is no reason to be nasty to others who are not the same as you or think differently.

  • Dr. Obvious Oct 20, 2011

    This is just the last straw for NC State. It’s time for the State Board of Reagents to either close this university or perhaps have Mrs Wuf dress-up like Mr. Wuf and just have 2 Mr. Wufs.

  • thethethethe Oct 20, 2011

    Purple spray paint, eh? I guarantee there is can of same missing from the center's supply cabinet, from the rainbow color spraypaints they keep on hand for impromptu group and protest signs. This is 100% an inside job, a hoax, a faux "hate crime", almost certainly by one of the group leaders. When found out, the campus LGBT community will go from advocting expulsion for the perps, to calls for understanding, and lamenting that it unfortunately draws attention away from the pervasive ""real"" "hate crimes". Anyone want to bet me on that?

  • Nancy Oct 19, 2011

    Rallying for vandalism is taking it to the victimhood status, this is not productive, it's just playing victim.

    I have no problem with an investigation into the vandalism but I don't think this reaches the level where a rally is necessary or serves a purpose other than some who feel they need to call attention to themselves for whatever reason.