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82nd takes over aviation operations in Afghanistan

Posted October 18, 2011

— The 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade has officially taken over aviation operations in parts of Afghanistan.

A memorial of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at Bagram Airfield served as a backdrop for Saturday's ceremony that put the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade at the center of the fight for justice and security for Afghanistan.

The conflict started a decade ago after the mastermind and some of the hijackers of the terrorist attacks were linked to Afghanistan.

The 82nd CAB now takes over the fight from the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, N.Y.

"It's a great day for both the 10th and the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. I know the 82nd CAB is ready to take this fight, and the 10th CAB is ready to hand off," said Col. Pedro Almeida, with the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade.

Afghanistan is familiar territory for the 82nd CAB, as some of the troops are familiar with combat in the mountainous region.

"They stand ready to continue a legacy of courage, lethality and teamwork," said Maj. Gen. Daniel Allen, commanding general of Regional Command East in Afghanistan.

82nd takes over in Afghanistan 82nd takes over in Afghanistan

Leaders and soldiers with the 82nd CAB will be working alongside their 10th Mountain counterparts during a transitional period.

"I can only describe it as 100 percent transparency, showing us the good, the bad and the very, very difficult," said Col. T.J. Jamison, of the 82nd CAB.

The 82nd takes over at a critical juncture in the security of Afghanistan, with a reduction in troops there expected by 2014.


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  • G-man Oct 19, 2011

    Come home safe.

  • eoglane Oct 18, 2011

    Go 82d CAB served in the CAB during my service, i retired after 20 years in 1999 and 14 years were with the 82 CAB, Go 82 Combat Aviation all prayers with you. So of who I served with

  • Worland Oct 18, 2011

    Casualties in Afghanistan: USA 1811, UK 383, Turkey 2, Sweden 5, Spain 33, South Korea 1, Romania 19, Portugal 2, Poland 29, Norway 10, New Zealand 4, Netherlands 25, Lithuania 1, Latvia 3, Jordan 2, Italy 42, Hungary 7, Germany 43, Georgia 10, France 75, Finland 2, Estonia 9, Denmark 42, Czech Republic 4, Canada 157, Belgium 1, Australia 29. Including 6 NATO troops just killed but names not released, that comes to 2767 KIA.

  • NoObamaCare Oct 18, 2011

    When you care to send the very best....You send in the 82nd!! AIRBORNE!!

  • Bartmeister Oct 18, 2011

    We need to airlift the 82nd into France, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Australia, and take whats ours............. All the funding we sent over the past 25 years.

  • TomLynda Oct 18, 2011

    "When are the French, Canadians, Irish, Scottish, Russians, Spain, Portuguese, Germans, Italians , Australians , etc. going to take over ?"

    Never. As long as the USA is there they all are content to let our men and women fight and die.

  • ReallyBigYawn Oct 18, 2011

    Sept 11 of 2011 attacks? Why didn't I know about this..so it happened again? Ok..smart donkey I know you meant 2001.

  • Old-Guy Oct 18, 2011

    When are the French, Canadians, Irish, Scottish, Russians, Spain, Portuguese, Germans, Italians , Australians , etc. going to take over ?