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Father of teens hit by train in Mebane blames synthetic drug K2

Posted October 4, 2011
Updated October 5, 2011

— The father of two teen boys who were killed when an Amtrak train hit them as they walked along the tracks Friday night said he believes a synthetic drug called K2 may have contributed to their deaths.

Orange County sheriff's deputies said the train engineer blew the horn when he saw Dustin Davis, 19, and his 17-year-old brother Darian on the tracks, but the boys didn't move out of the way.

Tom Davis told WXII News in Winston-Salem that his sons bought K2, mixed it with marijuana and smoked it to get high the night they were killed. The drug, which is a synthesized version of pot, was recently outlawed in North Carolina after previously being sold as incense. Federal law also bans five forms of K2.

Alamance County Sheriff's Deputy Randy Jones told WXII that the drug can produce hallucinations and that the boys may not have even seen the train coming.

A funeral service is planned for the Davis brothers on Wednesday from 6  to 8 p.m. at the Walker Funeral Home in Mebane.

"There was only one good thing," Tom Davis told WXII. "They were best friends. They were always together and they passed together."


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  • Southern Gal Oct 7, 2011

    To: Keepin_it_reel_in_NC
    Abolutely! Unfortunately at this time, we live in a fallen world... good and bad things do happen. Thankfully, we have a God who is in control and has vision far greater than we can possibly imagine. In addition to the family & father, I will also pray that you too may find Jesus Christ and come to know His care and His grace for YOU as you journey in this world.

  • fayncmike Oct 6, 2011

    "fayncmike - I am curious; by what Alice in Wonderland logic did you conclude that the young men were killed by the War on Drugs?

    It's simple American History. We've seen this before.

    There is an old saying that, “Those who do not learn from history will repeat their mistakes.” In the twenties the great experiment was Prohibition. Prohibition did nothing to eliminate alcohol consumption in the country. As a matter of fact alcohol consumption rose dramatically. Not only that but a whole new breed of entrepreneurs were created. Call them “The Mob” or “The Mafia” or whatever you please but what they were, and still are is organized crime and now nothing can be done to eradicate them. As a nation we learned nothing from that that exercise. Because of that, in the eighties, we decided to have a war (prohibition) on drugs. The end result is exactly as it was in the twenties. Drug use has escalated, and we’ve created another generation of miscreant entrepreneur

  • blueeyeslag Oct 5, 2011

    So have they confirmed the kids had k2 and that it was just bought? If so... are the police looking into that?

  • pm2 Oct 5, 2011

    What exactly does drugs have to do with walking on the rail road tracks...probably with their ear buds in listening to music! Walking on I-40 OR the rail road tracks is probably NOT a good idea...

  • ssgoodlife Oct 5, 2011

    marijuana is harmless right? wrong!ya its as bad as alcohol but alcohol is legal and people dont mix other drugs in it. prayers to the responsible members of this family, heres the message folks you gotta test your kids for drugs, its cheap and easy now and then take tough action. Kids need to be able to get high on life doing positive fun things, not sitting around the house playing video games & crusing railroad tracks

  • Follow_The_Money27617 Oct 5, 2011

    Am keeping the family in prayer... especially the father.
    Southern Gal

    Are you praying to the same entity that looked over this horrible accident?

  • whistler411 Oct 5, 2011

    Unfortunately there are consequences for every action. This is a horrible consequence of immature actions. I wish that teenagers would get that. So tragic and senseless.

  • dae66 Oct 5, 2011

    The idea that if you make marijuana legal or any other drug for that matter is naive. Certain people are going to take drugs no matter if it is legal or not. They will have their drugs of choice. It is a character issue. You can argue alcohol is the same, and as a child of an alcoholic, I know how damaging it can be. However, there are many people who can drink a small amount and not be intoxicated. The fact is, there are so many people who do not self govern well and the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds in a society that is vastly out of control. Sadly, it will not get better because of so many who resist decency.

  • Southern Gal Oct 5, 2011

    Am keeping the family in prayer... especially the father.

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Oct 5, 2011

    regardless of what they did, feel bad for the family... losing two in the family. sending prayers to the family in their time of loss.