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Red-light cameras to once again click in Raleigh

Posted October 4, 2011

— Two weeks after the Raleigh City Council voted to shut down red-light cameras in the city, the council reversed itself Tuesday.

The council voted 5-2 to renew Raleigh's contract with ACS Xerox for its SafeLight Program, which operates cameras at 15 Raleigh intersections. The devices record vehicles that enter an intersection after a traffic light turns red, and citations are then sent to the vehicle's registered owner.

The previous vote meant the cameras were turned off last Friday, when the previous contract expired.

Councilman Eugene Weeks previously voted against the SafeLight Program. He said he never meant to kill the program, which needed five votes for renewal, and was only concerned that some cameras had been moved from his district.

City traffic engineers met with Weeks to explain why cameras were moved. Once his concerns were addressed, he brought the contract renewal with ACS Xerox up for another vote Tuesday and provided the needed fifth vote for approval.

City Manager Russell Allen said he expects the cameras to be back on within a few weeks.

The city doesn’t pay for the program, and the $50 fines collected benefit the Wake County Public School System.


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  • Scaramouche Oct 6, 2011

    Maybe because they aren't actually illegal?

  • kweb1013 Oct 5, 2011

    Why is no one mentioning that these red light camera's are illegal and everyone else in the country are pulling them. There is nothing they can do if you fight this $50 fee. If you get a violation, don't pay it...do your research first.

  • Scaramouche Oct 5, 2011

    "wouldn't that be nice if it was so easy."

    It is that easy.

    "the plate wasn't even close to mine and the car was cheap junk"

    adn you got restitution. See, the system worked.

  • soyousay Oct 5, 2011

    ACS Xerox is not a charity, nor are they a law enforcement agency. They reap buckets of money, and last solf for 6.4 billion dollars. Helps with all those political donations to keep teir business going

  • soyousay Oct 5, 2011

    just..Don't like them?? Don't run the red light!

    wouldn't that be nice if it was so easy. I got one sometime back for runnig one in charlotte..tey even sent the pic..the plate wasn't even close to mine and the car was cheap junk.and I hadn't driven through Charlotte. There is no substitute for my actual car so to speak, and then to add insult to it all
    they only way I could appeal it was to send the 50 dollars FIRST. Needless to say, I did not. Instead, I contacted the mayor's office and pretty much anyone else I thought to annoy.
    They apoligized.
    It is a scam- the company was bought for 6.4 billion when it last traded hands. You think this is for charity work?

  • anne53ozzy Oct 5, 2011

    Where is the so called scam, davidgnews? Years ago the most life threatening accident I have ever been involved in was caused by a man who ran a red light and hit me broadside.

  • anne53ozzy Oct 5, 2011

    Photo of these-Good thing! Can not prove this endangerment without them unless an accident or near one occurs.

  • anne53ozzy Oct 5, 2011

    On a lighter note...laughing is always a good thing! A friend of mine got a ticket and photo in Wilington years ago for supposedly running a red light on camera. He apread out five 10 dollar bills on a table, photographed it and sent it in as payment.

  • Scaramouche Oct 5, 2011

    "Should not cameras be used to enforce the speed limit? Certainly in school zones."

    Absolutely to both of those.

    "What about camera to check for seatbelt violations, or texting and driving? Following too closely?"

    Too hard to perform with a camera check.

    "Should the government be entitled to any of the fines collected since ACS pays for all the costs associated with them?"

    Of course they should get part of the fine. Sheesh!

    "Why just red lights when there are so many other dangerous things private industry could be making money on?"

    It's an excellent point. You should get to work on that immediately.

  • Rebelyell55 Oct 5, 2011

    Never been a big fan of Contact law enforcement. It's appear to lend itself by it's very nature to abuse.