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Man's security system helps ID suspect in theft, assault

Posted October 4, 2011

— A Parkton man was arrested late Monday in connection with stealing appliances from a Fayetteville home in August and attacking the homeowner.

Shawn Schultz, a former Army Reserve member who now works as an arborist, said he likes to take care of things, including his own property. So he set up a security system at a bungalow on Camden Road that he uses for storage.

The system sent an alarm to his cellphone on Aug. 30, and a camera snapped a photo of a man trying to haul off a dryer from the house.

Schultz said he called 911 but then drove over to the house as well to try to stop the crime.

"He said, 'I thought this house was abandoned,'" Schultz said of his encounter with the thief. "I said, 'There's locks on the doors,' and he said, 'That don't mean nothing.'"

The man also told Schultz, "I make a living this way."

A scuffle ensued, and the man kicked Schultz in the head before fleeing with the $200 dryer. A washing machine and other items taken from the house were left in the yard.

Donald Harris, Cumberland theft/assault Man charged in Fayetteville appliance theft

"(It was) probably a size 11 shoe, I guess, because he was a pretty big guy. He was fast," Schultz said. "I think you should restrict these things to your ability, and this was a little bit past my ability."

The picture caught on the security camera helped Cumberland County deputies identify the suspected thief as Donald Wayne Harris, 45, of 1229 Carolina Church Road in Parkton.

Harris was charged with common law robbery, breaking and entering and larceny and was being held in the Cumberland County jail under a $10,000 bond. Schultz said he plans to file an assault charge against Harris as well.


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  • kermit60 Oct 6, 2011

    The home owner thinks he got robbed? Wait till he watches this go through the court system. This guy will walk with maybe some probation time, suspended sentance etc. He'll be back out stealing more stuff before he even goes to trial for this one. Why didn't the cops get there in time, good question. I'm sure if the owner was armed and had shot the guy there would have been more than enough of them to respond to that. The solution, two things. Rope & Tree.

  • Vietnam Vet Oct 5, 2011

    "The man also told Schultz, "I make a living this way."

    This should clear up a lot of unsolved burglaries?

  • Karmageddon Oct 5, 2011

    Is risking your life worth a bunch of used appliances?

  • mpbjm Oct 5, 2011

    When seconds count and you need help the cops are only minutes away... They can't be everywhere... self protection is an Individual Responsibility! Mr Schultz is lucky this thief wasn't armed with anything more than his feet..

  • MT.Net Oct 4, 2011

    "I make a living this way." That's gotta be the funniest thing I've ever heard a crook say.

  • Bill of Rights Oct 4, 2011

    Too bad the homeowner wasn't lawfully armed. Sure would have saved the legal system a lot of money.

  • ernestoham47 Oct 4, 2011

    police are too busy arresting our citizens the war on drugs is just getting in the way of them diong their job to protect and serve

  • twc Oct 4, 2011

    So why didn't the cops get there in time?

  • Tax Man Oct 4, 2011

    Gotcha you thief! Now, do the time! And no excuses. Good police work thanks to a good witness.