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Former Franklin sheriff ousted by Pat Green named to replace him

Posted October 3, 2011
Updated October 4, 2011

— The Franklin County Board of Commissioners named a replacement Monday for former sheriff Pat Green, who resigned in January, one day before news broke about a State Bureau of Investigation probe into missing funds at the sheriff's office.

Jerry Jones, who was the outgoing sheriff when Pat Green took office, has now been named to replace him. 

Warrants allege that Green took $90,000 from a fund used for undercover drug investigations and that he told SBI agents he was depressed and used the money to pay his mortgage and other bills. More than $100,000 in missing drug unit funds remain unaccounted for.

In 2006, Jones lost the election to Green as he battled his own controversy over a helicopter crash that killed one of his deputies. Some county leaders accused Jones of signing a secret deal to lease the helicopter without county approval and allowing a pilot with no license to fly it.

Franklin Sheriff Jerry Jones Franklin County commissioners name former sheriff to new term

At Monday's commissioners meeting, Jones said it's time for the sheriff's office to put controversy behind it.

"It's time to Franklin County to move forward. What has happened has happened. Today is a new day," he said. "Yes, we've had two situations. Does that mean there's going to be a third? I hope not."

While he admits there were mistakes made during his term as sheriff, Jones said previous challenges have seasoned him for the job.

"Some of the things we talked about in my past administration have prepared me for this. I don't think I can be caught in anything I haven't been caught in before. I don't believe anyone can put on me stuff I can't handle," he said. "I can keep my demeanor, I can keep my professional attitude and I will lead by example."

The commissioners' decision to appoint Jones was unanimous. He will be sworn in Friday afternoon.

"He knows the office. He knows exactly what the office needs," said board chair Sidney Dunston.

Franklin County resident Ricky Gill III said he supports the board's decision.

"I think given some time, (Jones) will do a good job," he said.


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  • sublimechick990 Oct 7, 2011

    Pat green gave our deputies a bad name, the sherriff was wrong, not his deputies, they are there to do a job, he was there for political gain. The deputies in franklin county are great, and we are lucky to have them protecting us they deserve a raise, I would raise taxes so they can have one, rather then them getting a paydecress cause franklin county residents are cheap.
    If this sherriff is smart he will listen to his deputes and the people.
    For those of you who think our deputies are doing a bad job, how about you get up off your lazy bottoms and help out, they can't do everything, they have no funds, they hardly have enough ppl to cover the county, so next time you need help and they help you find your missing kid or a stolen car remember they are functioning with about 50% of an officer's basic nessesities and the reson they can't do as much as they could is because the people of Franklin County would'nt raise taxes by only ONE CENT to help pay for their own protection.

  • sandygood41 Oct 4, 2011

    well if he goes in weed out the bad ones he will make it..if not...he be getting betrayed by some in his own dept...

  • jrfergerson Oct 4, 2011

    Well Welcome back Sheriff Jones. I am looking forward to your leadership in the department to weed out what is bad and win the trust of the citizens of Franklin County back to where it should be for law enforcement. Given a chance, I do believe you can and will do a great job for the department and county.

  • roaddog3 Oct 4, 2011

    Our commissioners hasn't got sense enough to pour pee pee out of a boot. This is a Prime example of another Democrook decision. When in History have we had a Democratic Sheriff that some kind of flim flam hasn't happened, Wake up Franklin county.

  • A J Oct 4, 2011

    So many unhappy people in Franklin County, Why is this when there are so many more counties and states for them to live where they may be happy!!!!

  • A J Oct 4, 2011

    Go get em Jerry

  • sandygood41 Oct 4, 2011

    ya cant help fix something thats to far gone...this county to far gone..with one trying to cover the other...which one ya trying to cover....

  • amedlin Oct 4, 2011

    I agree with asmith Jerry Jones is a good honest man. Jerry will do a good job because he cares. He took the heat about the helicopter when someone else should have and that person knows it. All the people out there that want to talk negative what about getting up off your can and helping the community instead of just bad mouthing everyone else, why don't you give it a try to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandygood41 Oct 4, 2011

    well jerry suppose to be so good and i know still have some bad ones in there lets see how long going to take to clean house..and he knows still has bad ones need to be gone hes said his self when pat was in office...

  • tammyking2 Oct 4, 2011

    In 2006 my husband was involved in a tragic accident two weeks after we moved to Franklin Co. We did not know a soul. Mr. Jones accompanied me to the e.r. where he stayed through the night until my husband was released and drove us home. He came out to our house a couple weeks later to speak to each of our children about a loss we experienced from the accident. I have heard a lot about what kind of Sherriff he was and don't know how accurate any of it is, but I do know what kind of man and neighbor he is. Can't be all bad to have this individual as someone that the citizens of Franklin county have to call on in a time of need.