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Erwin residents beg dumpers: 'No diapers, stop!!!'

Posted September 30, 2011

— A sign posted along the side of a Harnett County road is small and handwritten, but residents are hoping to send a big message to the dirty dumpers littering their community – “No diapers, stop!!!”

Resident Bruce “Red” Callahan estimates he and others in his community have picked up 200 or more dirty diapers this year.

The unknown litterbugs have flung them onto the side of Old Stage Road, right above a creek and near an Erwin city sign proclaiming “Pride” and “Hope in our future.”

“This is just ridiculous. It’s ridiculous,” Callahan said, adding that he has no idea who is doing the dumping. “It doesn’t look good for us. People are trying to keep a good community up through here.”

Most diapers are bundled in plastic bags, some wadded up in the creek. The scene could look dirtier if it wasn’t for the residents who have been picking up the piles of diapers.

“It’s something we don’t want to have to put up with. I hate to have to put up with it,” Callahan said.

Erwin residents beg: 'No diapers, stop!!!' Erwin residents beg: 'No diapers, stop!!!'

Considering the subject matter, Erwin police have dealt with bundles of jokes.

“There’s humor attached to it, of course,” said police Chief Warren Morrisette.

However, the chief says it’s no laughing matter for the neighbors and for nature, especially the creek.

“We are protecting the law against dumping, but we also have a health concern,” Morrisette said.

Police say they have no idea who is behind the diaper dumping. The person or persons responsible could face illegal dumping and littering charges.


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  • Vietnam Vet Oct 3, 2011

    Nobody cares any more about much of anything. Take a look at our road shoulders, especially isolated country roads. There's a lot more there than just diapers. Somebody will drive them out there but won't take them to a county dump facility? I don't get it!!

  • moretabs Oct 3, 2011

    It's probably 1 family who are to inconsiderate to leave it in their car till they get home.

  • razor2 Sep 30, 2011

    Very easy fix for the police dept... all they have to do is put
    up some deer cameras and catch them in the act .... Problem solved
    and if you dont think they have access borrowed or owned for
    surveillance you are sadly mistaken ....

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 30, 2011

    I'll wait and see if there an up date to who is throwing out dirty diapers.... Does remind me of the funniest thing I ever saw on TV what the Mr. Bean movie where he throwed the dirty diaper into the carnival ride...

  • storchheim Sep 30, 2011

    I see no humor in this at all. Some cultures have no standards when it comes to sanitation. They ought to put up a hidden camera and prosecute the pigs who are causing a public health hazard. Yeah, it's hilarious until e.coli spreads.

  • vraptor Sep 30, 2011

    Well. They need to talk about alternatives like cloth diapers. You can wash them yourself or have a service for it. It would be interesting to see the cost differences. I do not know which is more cost effective.

  • turkeydance Sep 30, 2011

    with our Adopt-A-Highway litter pickup program, we have seen this before. no cause/no clue/no reason...the dumping just starts. here's how to (not stop) curtail it:
    1. game cameras. they take pictures during the day or night.
    hunters use them to find out where the deer are. they work
    as a 'stake-out' camera. day/time stamp. really cool.
    day/time stamp is admissible in court.
    2. booby-trap. this is illegal in NC, but it works. and how.
    3. worst case, fishing line. the thin kind you can't see. when the Used Diapers hit the fishing-line-spider-web, the UD's come back. not all of them, but enough. Bear Creek did this twelve years ago. no problem-o now.