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Wake planning for future of Holly Springs landfill

Posted September 30, 2011

The South Wake Landfill in Holly Springs opened in 2008 and is expected to handle area trash until the mid-2030s.

— The South Wake Landfill in Holly Springs has been open for less than four years, but county officials already are trying to determine what to do with the site after it closes in the mid-2030s.

"There's a lot of other land opportunities and land development opportunities that we see we might be able to take advantage of prior to the actual closing of the landfill," project manager Eric Staehle said.

The landfill site covers hundreds of acres, and Staehle said the county wants to create a plan for the entire area, including portions not used for trash disposal.

"We need to protect our environment out there, but we’re trying to look at opportunities so that we can use this other land," he said.

The county turned its former landfill off Durant Road in north Raleigh into a park.

County officials held a meeting Thursday night in Holly Springs and plans to hold more meetings this fall and next year to come up with a range of ideas that can be woven into an overall plan for the site.

"I think any decision we make we'll be weighing the economic potential, what makes the most sense to Wake County and for the use of the landfill," Staehle said.

During the meetings, the county is showing the community what other areas have done with their landfills, such as an eco-complex in Catawba County, where waste from the landfill is turned to energy and a revenue stream.

Staehle said Wake County is already converting some of the methane gas from the South Wake Landill into energy.

"Perhaps we could use some of the facilities or this land for solar opportunities," he said. "I think we’ll be looking at a whole variety of things."


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  • mswayze Oct 3, 2011

    I for one would like to see some of it with a good bit of elevation. Last I was out to it a few areas could easily get 100ft plus..

    80ft was about all there was at the north wake park. Only place around raleigh that is greater is one of the quarrys.

    A set of greenhouses producing rape seed(canola) or something similar for sales to bio-diesel producers. The same greenhouse could be used for solar powered windmills (low height(100ft+/-) with wind turbine at the top-like an clear plastic pyramid over a sunny side of the hill (maybe 12ft from the ground to the roof- up the side of the hill).

    They could even dump a little nitrogen down the pipes to increase the methane output.

    I'd be wondering about future sink holes is the only thing.

    I'd visited the alternative energy rest area and found it very intriguing- similar vanes(veins?) of thought would work very well with the landfill.

  • kimisufu Sep 30, 2011

    They've got 20 years to worry about this landfill. Don't table it by any means, but how about finding ways to get all the commercial property sold and new businesses in town, like that Target and movie theater rumor we've been hearing for 5+ years?