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Raleigh City Council will likely revisit red-light cameras

Posted September 21, 2011

— A Raleigh City Council member who voted Tuesday not to renew a contract to operate red-light cameras throughout the city says he thinks the council will likely revisit the issue.

Leaders voted 4-3 not to extend the city's contract with ACS Xerox when it ends Sept. 30. The measure required five votes to pass, because Mayor Charles Meeker recused himself because his law firm represented ACS in the past on an unrelated matter.

Councilman Eugene Weeks, who voted against the measure, said Wednesday that the SafeLight Program, which has placed cameras at intersections throughout the city since 2003, is saving lives and that he had no intention of killing the program.

He said that he only wanted further information about how the city determines where to place the cameras.

The SafeLight program operates cameras at 15 Raleigh intersections. The devices record vehicles that enter an intersection after a traffic light turns red. Citations are then sent to the vehicle's registered owner.

The city doesn’t pay for the program, and the $50 fines collected benefit the Wake County Public School System.

Council members John Odom and Bonner Gaylord also voted against renewing the contract. Odom said he did not like the program. Gaylord cited concerns about privacy and possible confusion about whether the driver being cited for running a red light is the same person who owns the vehicle.


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  • PetulantHarbinger Sep 21, 2011

    With the Knightdale intersection, the light can be green when I enter, and red when I'm through the intersection. I creep as slowly as possible if the light turns green when I'm not quite there, and then I drive as fast as possible through the intersection. I got a ticket one time when I was the 3rd car in line to go through the intersection (from a stop, waiting for the light to turn green).

  • jdupree Sep 21, 2011

    Wonder who gets a campaign contribution out of this if they renew the program????

  • flashsparks Sep 21, 2011

    "I figure all I would need is a rod thru the center to act as a hinge and a RC plane servo to make it work."

    skinnygranny, find a manufacturer for it and start selling them.
    I'll buy two.

  • flashsparks Sep 21, 2011

    "tax payers see this as a revenue generator rather than any added safety"

    Ament to that!

  • skinnygranny Sep 21, 2011


    Wath the video from the local news.

  • flashsparks Sep 21, 2011

    It's not about safety. It's all about the MONEY.

  • skinnygranny Sep 21, 2011

    If these red light cameras are so great, why have all the towns/cities in NC gotten rid of them except for Raleigh and Cary? Things that make you go, hmmmmm.....

    Knightdale uses them on 64.
    I want to invent a license plate that flips over at the pucj of a button when I drive thru them. After I'm gone I can push the button to flip it back over. Like James Bond. I figure all I would need is a rod thru the center to act as a hinge and a RC plane servo to make it work.

  • abyopp Sep 21, 2011

    seankelly15 - like I said there are many studies, google it. This was a sample. Over all I believe the general consensus of tax payers see this as a revenue generator rather than any added safety.
    tayled- RIGHT ON!

  • rand321 Sep 21, 2011

    Get rid of the lights. work on making traffic less congested

  • wayneboyd Sep 21, 2011

    If Raleigh operates like other places, they would continue bilking drivers out of fines even if the government were losing money on every citation.