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Raleigh approves 2,500-seat stadium for St. Aug's

Posted September 20, 2011

— For the first time in its 144-year history, the football and track teams at St. Augustine's College will have a stadium to call their own.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, Raleigh City Council approved plans to build a 2,500-seat stadium around the college's track and field. About 100 students took buses to attend the meeting, where they cheered college president Dianne Boardley Suber's presentation to the council.

"We have a world-class track, world-class football field, a nice scoreboard, two perfectly straight goal posts and no place for anybody to sit and see them," Suber said.

The college had previously asked for 5,000 seats but scaled back after neighbors voiced concerns about traffic, noise and parking. 

"Lights will be shining and they'll have three entrances for them to go in... There's no way it can keep off from our place," said neighbor Sarah Olive. "My street will not be affected, so they say, but I'm sure they'll be parking on it."

St. Aug's to get stadium for track, football field St. Aug's to get stadium for track, football field

Mayor Charles Meeker mandated that the stadium have 50 feet of landscaping buffer around it, no concerts, no lighting higher than 80 feet and no more than 15 events per year. He is also requiring the college to offer free parking at the stadium to deter students and fans from parking on neighboring streets to avoid paying.

This is the second time in seven years that St. Augustine's has asked the city to build a stadium. In 2004, Suber asked the council to approve a 5,000-seat stadium, but agreed to a downsized, 2,500-seat version of the proposal. A location change, however, sent that plan back to the drawing board.

Suber said she's not giving up on getting 5,000 seats, but is willing to wait until she can prove that the stadium is not a disruptive feature in the neighborhood. 


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  • dont_preach Sep 21, 2011

    RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman if you can take the sheet away from your face you can see past your ignorance. I use to live in the area and i always walked down the street at night. crime can happen anywhere! Dont give me that lame excuse about crime! your always talking about pray for this and that but hatred is always coming out your mouth.

  • johnnybgood Sep 21, 2011

    Warrior Woman, have you been in the St.Aug area lately probably not. There's no more/less crime there than at any of the other colleges in Raleigh. I think you are misguided because of the location of St.Aug.

  • canonet Sep 21, 2011

    Warrior Woman,
    Police can be hired as security for different venues. Some work night spots and are paid by the facility management/owners.

    As for building the staduim, it's not with public finding as it is a private and independent college.

  • canonet Sep 21, 2011

    " What culture, the St.Aug grad that make good football players but will never see one working in NASA.
    loprestw "

    How do you know none are there now or work in any aerospace industry? If you feel this is true, why not visit the college president and let her know your thinking?

    It is easy to hurl insults on something when you have no real knowledge about it.

  • canonet Sep 21, 2011

    " Great move, build a stadium in one of the highest crime areas in Raleigh.

    How much is it going to cost in additional police patrols to protect those attending the game from the surrounding neighborhood.

    Have you ever been there to say its a high crime area? Are you aware that Mordecai and Oakwood border up against St Aug? I'd dare say....NO!

    I live about 1 mile from St Aug and amazed at the anonymous comments that come about the area from people who never have been there at all. High crime and distrubances happens at NC State (I'm a graduate and well aware of this) but do not see the surrounding area filing numerous complaints?

  • caligirl89 Sep 21, 2011

    What are the city cops for: if not to patrol the city and the citizens that they take are to protect and serve? Yes, there is crime; but there is crime throughout Raleigh and the surrounding areas. Don't Preach, you are so right I keep on forgetting where I have been living for the last 20 years.....

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 21, 2011

    Bart - "That said with private funding........ Build Away!!"

    If it's with private funding and if it won't cost the city government a single dime, I agree.

    But how much you want to bet it will take city cops to police the event just like it takes them to police the ones at other university stadiums around the city.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 21, 2011

    DP - "Did anyone complain when ncsu build a new stadium??"

    The economy then wasn't in the shape it is now. We don't have the money to pay teachers, yet we're building this?

    It's absurd.

  • tracya3904 Sep 21, 2011

    Congratulations Falcons!

  • johnnybgood Sep 21, 2011

    While I'm glad that St.Augs has finally gotten approval for this, I feel. However, they caved in to many of the concessions.

    Not having any night games (especially during late summer/early fall) will hurt them in the long run. Not many people are going to sit in a stadium w/90+ degree temperatures. During the middle of the afternoon. Yes, they could play @ 3:30 but, its still hot.

    Again congrats to the Falcons!