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Wayne deputy, man injured in chase, shooting

Posted September 15, 2011

— A Wayne County deputy suffered minor injuries and another man suffered serious head trauma after a chase and shootings in Dudley early Thursday.

Deputy Chris Jackson responded to a shooting call in the Rollingwood subdivision around 12:30 a.m. when he noticed a vehicle matching the description of one involved in the shooting.

Jackson stopped the vehicle, which had two men and two women inside, and asked the driver to get out. Another deputy, Travis Cox, approached, and the vehicle sped away with one man and two women inside, authorities said.

Cox got in his patrol car and chased the vehicle on Old Mount Olive Highway, Genoa Road and Pecan Road. During the pursuit, the driver slammed on the brakes as a passenger fired shots at Cox, according to the sheriff's department.

Authorities believe the passenger fired an SKS high-powered rifle, which hit Cox's car several times, disabling the car and shooting out the windshield. Cox took cover behind the dashboard and suffered minor cuts from the broken glass.

Authorities later found the vehicle in a wooded area about 200 yards from Casey's Saw Mill Road. Two helicopters, a SWAT team and numerous law enforcement officers searched for the suspects.

One suspect was identified as Harold Harloe-Bruce Clother, 30. Deputies determined that he had gotten into another vehicle, which was later found at his house, 117 Timothy St.

Clother's girlfriend, April Crisp, came out of the house and told authorities that he was was threatening suicide. Officers then heard a gunshot and found Clother inside the house with a self-inflicted wound.

Emergency crews took him to Wayne Memorial Hospital for treatment of serious head trauma. He was in serious condition on Thursday night.

Wayne deputy injured in chase, shooting Wayne deputy injured in chase, shooting

Clother has an extensive criminal history from Michigan and is wanted by Michigan for an outstanding warrant for probation violation of a home invasion charge, according to the Wayne sheriff's department.

No other information, including the identities of the other three people in the car, was released.


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  • heather76 Sep 20, 2011

    @Ambygirl...she was at home with her two children. She was not one of the people in the car. I'm assuming he fled to her house after the fact. I agree that she put herself in a bad situation due to the fact that you are judged by the company you keep. She's a beautiful person who has had a rough life which was no fault of her own. I just pray that she is okay and provides a better life for her kids. Though I haven't had much contact with her over the past few years...I do love her so much.

  • familyfour Sep 16, 2011

    Presence isn't the problem. I see deputies every time I leave the house. I am in the southeastern end of the county.

    The problem is that when the criminals are caught by leo, courts let them GO!

    That just puts them back on the streets to offend again and again.

    I cannot justify anyone blaming whom they were with. You make a choice to go with them.

    How can that be anyones fault but your own?

  • Ambygirl Sep 15, 2011

    heather76-- what was she doing with him then???? She put herself in a very bad situation I would say!!

  • heather76 Sep 15, 2011

    April Crisp is my stepsister, and he was not her boyfriend. I don't know who he was in relation to her, but they should get facts straight before they post inaccurate information.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 15, 2011

    I know some won't like this, but for what the guy did and what he'll likely face if he survies, well... it ain't gone be good.

  • emerald7575 Sep 15, 2011

    I live in Dudley and just cannot understand the lack of police presence.The Wayne County sherrif's department does a great job responding but without on-site officer's the crime rate continues to climb. Again thanks to the Wayne County Sherrif's dept. but more help is needed here.
    Sorry motoal1 if you dont live on the North end of the county you are screwed

  • emerald7575 Sep 15, 2011

    I'd shoot myself too if my girlfriend lived at Rollingwood subdivision. beachbunny
    LOL beachbunny!!

  • familyfour Sep 15, 2011

    I know a former WC Deputy. The only reason he gave up the job he loved was pay. 1100 per month. Seriously! Very sad when we cannot pay those whom protect us more than people who work at walmart or convenience stores.Not knocking anyone's job-not by any means....just saying they deserve much much more for the risks they take. They deserve an income they can actually live on.

  • Lead by Example Sep 15, 2011

    Glad that the Deputies are ok. I hope that the suspect gets sent to prison for life.

  • Jenny8 Sep 15, 2011

    differentopinions; Not only does he make 180K his whole family gets free insurance not the county's policy either but a top of the line BCBS, plus he get a large SUV that he or his wife can drive any where they want on county gas. County pay levels are public info but don't expect to get a copy anytime soon.