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ECU cancels classes for second day in a row

Posted August 29, 2011

— East Carolina University will not hold classes Tuesday – the second day in a row – because of toppled trees, downed power lines and damages to dormitories and administrative buildings caused by wind and rain from Hurricane Irene.

ECU faculty and staff should report to work, if able, or contact their supervisor according to the university’s adverse weather policy. The school plans to return to a normal schedule Wednesday.

Some dormitories were damaged, forcing students to relocate. A number of administrative buildings were also affected by the storm, which passed about 70 miles east of Greenville on Saturday, spokeswoman Mary Schulken said.

A number of students have been moved from the upper floors in Greene residence hall to make sure officials can clean up damage caused by a leak which sprung when a storm drain pipe broke at the joint during Irene. Two hallway windows in two residence halls were broken by limbs from a fallen tree and are being repaired, Schulken said.

Two dozen students were moved out during the storm, and more may have to move as crews take a short time to clean up the damage, she said.

Spilman, one of the six original buildings at East Carolina and the location of the chancellor's office, lost the metal sheeting from its roof, Schulken said.


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  • 2assume Aug 30, 2011

    pangb007, keep_it_reel_in-nc:
    Both my sisters, my brother-in-laws and myself graduated from ECU, I have a daughter that is a Senior-All of us have six figure incomes and I amsure my daughter will too in the next 10 years-I partied a few times, but still did the work and I had to go to class, attendance WAS taken-

    me again-we have a place to play Saturday-Charlotte-been on the schedule for a while-you want to come back to Greenville and let the Pirates beat you again-come ON!

  • gopir8s Aug 29, 2011

    "Do they need a football stadium to use for this weekend's game? If so, I'm sure everybody is this area will remember 1999 when their fans tore up Carter-Finley."

    Ohh,,Me Again...knew somebody had to go there. Check your facts, we tore down the goal posts...that was it...and we paid to have them fixed. Some of your fans are the biggest bunch of sour grape losers I have ever seen! It was a HUGE win after a very emotional week...your fans would have done the same. Build a bridge...AND GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  • kimisufu Aug 29, 2011

    I answer "ECU may be "EZ*" to get into, but not so EZ to get out (with a degree)! Tough classes! They didn't let us get off "EZ." :)


  • amstevens88 Aug 29, 2011

    From what I have heard its getting a lot tougher to get into. They have raised their GPA averages for both incoming freshmen and transfer students. Transfers used to be a 2.0 but they have raised it to a 2.5 and I think it has raised even higher now.

  • SnakeLady Aug 29, 2011

    BTW, I had a roommate who transferred in from Chowan College (Dry campus, very strict). She told me stories about how they would defeat the room searches with their strategic hiding places for alcohol. So basically, any school can have partiers.

  • SnakeLady Aug 29, 2011

    I did go to the occasional party, but I was usually the designated driver. After my third year, I did change my major to chemistry (long story)which extended my time to 6 years.

    One of my roommates, who partied a LOT, graduated with his BS in physics after only 3.5 years. Some people CAN do it all.

    I don't mind if people call the school "EZU." I answer "ECU may be "EZ*" to get into, but not so EZ to get out (with a degree)! Tough classes! They didn't let us get off "EZ." :)

    *Back in the 80s, ECU used to be fairly easy to get into. I don't know about now. I went because I fell in love with the Marching Pirates!

  • wildthang4life Aug 29, 2011

    Thank you amstevens88. I am a senior, and I am graduating in only 3.5 years. So yes, it's what you make of it. If you find partying more important than yes it can be a party school. However if you believe you career is more important ECU is a wonderful school to attend. I'm tired of hearing all the negativity about ECU. UNC, STATE, etc party just as much however we get pegged "party" school just because of popularity....I am a PROUD HARD WORKING SUCCESSFUL PIRATE!!!

  • amstevens88 Aug 29, 2011

    I have been reading these comments that people are making that make absolutely no since. I just graduated from ECU in May and I did it in four years. Its all about who you associate yourself with and what you think is important (Class or Partying). Some people are always looking to find something negative to say about ECU.

  • donnkey Aug 29, 2011

    I had to sign up to GOLO today. I have read on/off comments on articles for several years, but today I need to comment.
    What on earth parties, alcohol and drugs have to do with ECU closing due to hurricane cleanup?
    Shame on all those who need to put others down.
    ECU is a great school. State is a great school. All UNC school are part of a great system.. Kids party at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

  • kikinc Aug 29, 2011

    Partying happens in EVERY school (even BYU!). I partied my behind off at State, got two degrees in the process. I could have as easily done that at ECU, UNC, or Duke. You would be remiss in thinking differently. Trust me, kids don't tell their parents what went on at college. I know I didn't. They thought I was an angel.