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Three killed when SUV flips on I-95 near Wilson

Posted August 20, 2011
Updated August 21, 2011

— Three women were killed Saturday when an SUV carrying a family of eight wrecked on Interstate 95 near Wilson, the state Highway Patrol said. 

The family was returning home to New York City from Disney World, troopers said.

The driver, Rosanny Marte, 22, was traveling about 70 mph shortly after 4 p.m. when she lost control and rolled the Ford Expedition three times, troopers said. It landed on its roof.

The driver, her mother Angela Marte, 46, and grandmother Rosa Marte, 71 were killed. Neither Angela nor Rosa Marte were wearing seatbelts, troopers said.

The crash survivors – two men and three children – were critically injured and transported to Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville. Reyes Marte has been treated and released and Nicholas Marte, 75, was listed in fair condition Sunday afternoon.

There was no word on the conditions of 10-year-old Nicholas Ray Marte, who was not wearing a seatbelt, and the two other children, whose names were not released.

Rosanny Marte Investigation continues in I-95 wreck that killed three NY women

Lawrence Solomon, who was two car lengths behind the Expedition when it flipped, said the wreck happened when a back tire on the SUV blew out.

"As soon as that tire hit the grass on the median, it started to flip over," Solomon said.

He said several drivers pulled off the highway to keep the family calm until paramedics arrived.

"The people out there were trying to get the children to lay still," he said. "They were trying to get everybody to lay still."

All northbound lanes of traffic were closed near exit 121 for several hours while authorities cleared the scene. Three helicopters were used to transport injured passengers to the hospital, Wilson County dispatchers said.


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  • dlphn1lvr Aug 24, 2011

    This is such irresponsible reporting! How does anyone know if these people had their seatbelts on when the accident occured? I know first hand seatbelts can and do come unhooked during the violence of an accident. I NEVER ever drive without my seatbelt on and 3 years ago while driving MY Ford Expedition on the freeway I was rear ended and spun out. When the vehicle finally came to rest I realized my seatbelt had come undone! My first thought was thank God the car didn't rollover! So hereandnow99 your comment regarding people get what they deserve is WAY off base. You don't know they didn't have their seatbelts on nor do the police or the reporter. God bless the poor family dealing with this loss!

  • blessedmomof2 Aug 24, 2011

    3 generation of women died at once....smh....prayers to those still alive and for this entire family during this very difficult time.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 23, 2011

    @soyousay, at the time of this story, three adults were dead...with no word on the children's injuries.

    I stand by my comment that people who don't want to wear seatbelts get what they ask for. I say the same for people who drive SUVs at highway speeds or intentionally inhale cancer-causing smoke. They ignore science (e.g. physics) and believe they are invincible. Do you really disagree?

  • chattycat Aug 23, 2011

    @RM24 - So sorry I obviously struck a nerve. I was simply asking a question. No need to get so snippy!

  • RM24 Aug 23, 2011

    @RM24 - where did you get the info that she was going 75mph?

    Please go back and read my post and try to understand what you are reading. NO where did I say "THEY". I was making a general statement that an SUV with that many people should be driven with extreme caution. I assume they also had some luggage??? Making it even heavier?? I dont know it they did or not. However with that many passengers I should have listed 60 or so as a speed. IT is NOT safe to be on the interstate at any speed with 8 people in and SUV WITHOUT seatbelts on. However other news sources have witnesses that say they were traveling in excess of 75mph. WRAL has A witness that says 70 and a tire blew out. It does not really matter either way at this point. Just a terrible accident.

  • soyousay Aug 22, 2011

    hereand now..And the unbuckled people got just what they wanted. Freedom.

    even the children? of all the thoughtless and inane comments ever to be written here - your totally insensitive off the cuff banality is just about the worst I have read

  • chattycat Aug 22, 2011

    @RM24 - where did you get the info that she was going 75mph?

  • KermitDFrog Aug 22, 2011

    I was on I95 on Saturday and I was amazed at the speed combined with close following distances. This is a sad story but based on what I experienced, I'm surprised that there are not more fatalities on I95.

  • RM24 Aug 22, 2011

    Praisegod: To answer your question most fullsize SUV's (Suburbans/Expeditions) are 7 to 8 passenger. Smaller SUV's (4Runners/Trailblazers) are 6 to 7 passenger. Minivans are the same way. Some are 7 others 8 passenger. Buts that's how many can be buckled in. They may still put more reguardless of the seat belts. But any loaded like that needs to be driven with caution and not in and out of traffic at 75 plus MPH.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 22, 2011

    Sorry, but "tires hitting the grass in the median" does not make an SUV flip over. The driver had to turn the wheel.

    Flipping is easy for an SUV, especially at highway speeds.

    And the unbuckled people got just what they wanted. Freedom.