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Fort Bragg soldiers face murder charges in teen's death

Posted August 19, 2011
Updated October 30, 2011

— Two Fort Bragg soldiers accused of first-degree murder made their first court appearance in Harnett County Friday, a day after they were charged with killing a Spring Lake teenager and dumping his body.

Pvt. Sebastian Gamez and Spc. Christopher Blackett, both 20, were arrested Thursday evening after authorities found Vincent Carlisle Jr., 17, in some woods north of Spring Lake on Thursday.

Gamez , 20, of Hidalgo, Texas, and Blackett, 20, of Vista, Calif., joined the Army in 2009 and are motor transport operators in the 82nd Airborne Division. Neither has deployed overseas.

Both live at 102 Carmichael Lane in Spring Lake and were neighbors with Carlisle, who lived with his grandmother and parents.

Authorities haven't said what led them to the two soldiers, how Carlisle might have died, or what a possible motive might have been. More details could come Monday, when results of a preliminary autopsy are released.

Carlisle's grandmother, Theodosia Carlisle, said she knew that her grandson sometimes played basketball with Gamez and Blackett, but she wasn't aware of how well they might have known each other.

Vincent Carlisle, Jr. Fort Bragg soldiers charged in Spring Lake teen's death

Vincent Carlisle left home Sunday around 10 p.m., she said, and never returned. Harnett County and Cumberland County deputies found his body off Shady Grove Road in Harnett County.

"I'm very hurt, at this point. I don't want to say I'm angry, but I'm very, very hurt," Theodosia Carlisle said. "But I don't know how to put it into words. How do you cope with the fact that it was so close to us?"

Gamez and Blackett remained in the Harnett County jail Friday without bond after a brief appearance before a judge, who ordered they be appointed public defenders.

A probable cause hearing was also set for Sept. 6, when Theodosia Carlisle hopes she will get answers.

"We really just don't understand what happened," she said. "There are a lot of questions. We just don't have answers at this point."


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  • paddie Aug 25, 2011

    Excuse me. The funeral is TOMORROW. My bad. I keep thinking today is Friday.

  • paddie Aug 25, 2011

    Today is the funeral for this poor kid. Has anyone done a follow up as to cause of death or motivation. I know the Harnett Co sherrif was going to release some info on Monday, but evidently hasn't. I know Gamez's family is here from Texas and that he is wanting them to do a fundraiser for him. Maybe he thinks he will eventually be granted bail and can take off for Mexico. A lot of questions.

  • bejluna Aug 25, 2011

    My daughters went to high school with Gamez. He would always go over to our house to chill out with them. He eventually became my daughters best friend. He is a nice and respectable young man, both while at school and my home. I never saw anything to indicate that he was or would be a trouble maker. I am eager to see this case unwrap because I am still in shock and denial. To me...he is innocent until proven guilty!

  • jasonstatham Aug 23, 2011

    how can being truck drives say anything about there guts truck drivers for over a year had the highest death rate in the war it only showed up second because 11b 11c and all the rest of the 11 series were bunched into one also the were in the 82nd abn div so obviously the jumped out of planes and were in one of the highest deployed units in the army

  • The Fox Aug 19, 2011

    [who cares that he sold drugs? seriously. he was a human being, a young one at that. have some compassion, for the love of god.]Well if the kid sold drugs, he didn't have much compassion himself did he? Somebody owed somethng and didn't pay up. End of story.

  • jgordon1 Aug 19, 2011

    Somthing the NAACP can get involved with. Say it was another hate crime.

  • ronda1991 Aug 19, 2011

    feartacticsdontwork americans do > I didn't mean all soldiers. Most are doing a great job serving our country and fighting for our freedom. I'm just saying that not all soldiers deserve the accolades they get just because they wear a uniform.
    By the way, I thank your family members for their service to our country. I'm sure they are great and decent people.

  • eoglane Aug 19, 2011

    I agree with Ms QB, to many parents do not want to believe their child would do nothing wrong. But some parents are just as bad as their children. Have mothers throwing contraband into prisons to their children. Just happened this week.
    I work at the prison where it happened, and this is not the first time family has done thing like that. their children are prisoners because they parents are no better.

  • mayjosal Aug 19, 2011

    Won't nothing happen to em since that new law was passed they'll be deported!

    I am sure they will be deported one to TEXAS the other to CALIFORNIA but wait where should they deport them to both are US citizens maybe before you make smart remarks about deportation you should read the story carefully....

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Aug 19, 2011

    Just a few things:
    1. Police haven't commented on a motive, so anything else is speculation at best.
    2. Those charged are innocent unless they can be proven guilty in a court of law.

    With those two facts in mind, we should focus our attention on the families of both sides who are probably grieving or struggling to find out what really happened.

    Let the court & the jury do their job.