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Obama jobs council to meet at McKinney, American Tobacco

Posted June 10, 2011

— The American Tobacco Historic District and ad agency McKinney will share some of the media spotlight with Cree when President Barack Obama and members of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness gather in the Triangle Monday.

Obama will tour Cree, talk with workers and meet with Cree Chief Executive Officer Chuck Swoboda, who has become almost a familiar face to the president through a campaign stop at Cree and other meetings. Obama is pushing more efficient use of energy, which is a key feature of Cree’s light emitting diodes.

McKinney, which is based at American Tobacco, will host one of several meetings in the area that will include members of the Obama jobs group. Details are still sketchy about whom will attend and what other meetings will take place, but American Tobacco confirmed that McKinney will host members from 9 to 10 a.m. Monday.

Following the session, attendees will tour The American Underground, which is an area set aside at the complex for startup companies and related groups such as the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

Council members and staff have also been invited to a Durham Bulls game on Sunday evening and a reception at the American Tobacco Bay 7 venue from 8 to 10 p.m.

"American Tobacco and our region are successfully making the transition from the economic engines of the past to the job generators of the future," said Michael Goodmon, who oversees the complex for owner Capitol Broadcasting, the parent company of WRAL-TV.

"By coming here, the President and the world-class business leaders who make up the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness are confirming we're on the right path, but also challenging us to think harder and achieve more," he added. "Together, we're up to that challenge."

Which members of Obama’s council will be in the Triangle for the meetings is something that might be disclosed Friday. Jeffrey Immelt, the top executive at GE, chairs the group.


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  • Trabman_san Jun 10, 2011

    "What about Palin and McCain who also spent two years running for president while they should have been attending to the offices they were elected to hold? BTW, how much did their campaign(s) cost us?" woohoo2you

    More liberal nonsense. Sarah was announced as his running mate shortly before the republican national convention (and that was in Sept of 2008) which was only about 2 months before the general election.

    Now here's some real truth- Obama spent Approx 2 years running for prez and neglecting HIS duties to the Crime Bosses in Chicago & Illinois!

  • 5Rs Jun 10, 2011

    "chris matthews does not count" - Johnny

    Chris Matthews is one of the charter members of the Media Hall of Shame, along with Connie Chung, Dan Rather and others. Those are "journalists" whose own untruthful remarks have landed them there.

  • 5Rs Jun 10, 2011

    Rational people think rationally, which leads to logic and common sense. Liberals think emotionally, which leads to hatred. It is the left who preaches hatred, not others.

  • A Libertarian Jun 10, 2011

    flash - chris matthews does not count. nobody listens or takes that channel serious. I did not think they were still on the air.

  • Iamcornholio Jun 10, 2011

    He just wants some bojangles

  • gunny462 Jun 10, 2011

    "I'm sure NOW is just as offended, or should be, but not a word is mentioned on their web site. Oh, wait a minute. Weiner is a Democrat! That's right"

    NOW and democrats are starting to get behind and supporting the wiener. typical, 6 years sexting woman and he never ever used his gov comp or cell? Wow, must have really racked up some hours while he was travelling. As a progressive dem he'll get a slap on his Weiner wrist and go back to calling us all baby killers

  • flashsparks Jun 10, 2011

    Yeah, there's lots of name calling to go around. Just yesterday Chris Matthews called Christians backwards because they were offended at Wiener's weiner. I'm sure NOW is just as offended, or should be, but not a word is mentioned on their web site. Oh, wait a minute. Weiner is a Democrat! That's right!

  • gunny462 Jun 10, 2011

    "offer loans to the Lybians"

    That and the war in Yemen, plus 2 other FUNDED wars makes 4 for the great one. BTW, if he didn't get approval for the war in libya how's he explaining the war in yemen?

  • gunny462 Jun 10, 2011

    "What about all the yelling, screaming, and name calling on 106.1?"

    ??? oooh you mean when liberals call and spew names! I get it now.

  • gunny462 Jun 10, 2011

    "BTW, how much did their campaign(s) cost us?It works both ways... WooHoo2You"

    Try nothing. How much did BHO's campaign cost us? 1.4 trillion in one year, more lobbyists in the capital and no jobs STILL after 3 years!