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Obama to visit Cree during Triangle stop

Posted June 9, 2011

— President Barack Obama will visit energy-efficient lighting maker Cree Inc. during a stop in the Triangle next Monday, the White House said Thursday.

Obama plans to meet with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council during the trip. He also will tour Cree's manufacturing site, officials said.

Chaired by General Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt, the competitiveness council was created this year to offer suggestions on how the government can foster growth, innovation and job creation.

Obama and the council will hear from various local leaders and will focus on education and workforce training and development, officials said.

The president last visited North Carolina in December, when he discussed worker training while at Forsyth Technical College in Winston-Salem.


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  • ddeserres Jun 14, 2011

    Obama is apparently ignoring the series of events that was taking place during his last visit to Cree. If you go visit the Yahoo Finance Message Board for Cree you will be shocked and dismayed at what you read about me and my family. It's been going on for over three years.

    Cree management is directly involved in an ongoing campaign of retaliation against me for filing age discrimination charges against the company in 2007 - That's right...2007!

  • Jim Britt Jun 10, 2011

    Yea Obama!

  • jervin6 Jun 10, 2011

    Clearly Obama's reelection strategy is heavily geared towards winning our state once again. I don't think we have ever had this much attention from such a high political candidate. Two visits within the same year with others most likely planned down the stretch. Trying to keep his name linked with NC in the media with positive stories is key; visiting Forsyth Comm. College, Cree, the democratic national convention coming, one on one talks with our governor about hurricane readiness, education grants in Race to Top program. I haven’t heard him say much about our states problematic rise in unemployment and house foreclosures. Hopefully the 14,177 votes that carried Obama that predominately came from the 18-29 age groups will now understand that the trillions of dollars that was spent to supposedly fix the economy is going to be theirs to repay and Obama care is only going to add to that debt while restricting their access to healthcare just when they may begin to need it.

  • gunny462 Jun 10, 2011

    "translation: Cree Inc. will file for bankrupcy and close it's doors in a month!"

    "A company with no debt and sitting on $1 billion in cash? Not likely. tmh1375"

    Obiviously ppl can't see 'sarcasm' as BHO seems to bancrupt every company he 'visits'

  • connie2006 Jun 9, 2011

    Amen to that....get him out!!!!

  • justhere Jun 9, 2011

    I'm not dis-agreeing with you, I didn't vote for him.

  • justhere Jun 9, 2011

    ...time will tell and those who elected him will see clearly after he is gone"


  • connie2006 Jun 9, 2011

    @ justthere

    guess its possible that the folks who gave me this information are just lying so they can justify their vacation time, but my thoughts still stand true...He's is going to destroy the foundation of this country. My flag flies high...DON'T TREAD ON ME!!!

  • tmh1375 Jun 9, 2011

    "All I can say is what she told me..."they are closing down for 1 week due to expansion" and even if I got an invite I would choose work over him...he has increased hardship for small business, he is trying to control through health insurance...what a dictator...time will tell and those who elected him will see clearly after he is gone"

    Well she's wrong. They aren't closing down for a week. You shouldn't blindly believe everything you hear without checking the facts for yourself.

  • justhere Jun 9, 2011

    They are not closing the plant for a week..only contractors are not allowed on site for Monday. Cree's regular schedule will remain