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Federal budget battles were hot topic at Raleigh breakfast

Posted April 11, 2011

— Two of North Carolina's Democratic congressmen fielded heated questions Monday from voters weary of the budget battles in Washington.

“This has been an embarrassment. I think Americans are right to feel very angry about what they see going on in Washington the last week or two,” U.S. Rep. Brad Miller said during the Leadership Raleigh Breakfast at the Cardinal Club.

Democratic leaders blame Republicans for filibustering efforts to pass a full year budget in December.

"Democrats wanted to shut the government down so they could continue the out-of-control spending binge that threatened to bankrupt our country for generations to come,” U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, a Republican, said in a statement.

Working late into Friday night, congressional and White House negotiators finally agreed on a plan to pay for government operations through the end of September while trimming $38.5 billion in spending.

Lawmakers then approved a measure to keep the government running through April 15 while the details of the new spending plan are written into legislation.

“I think we need a whole lot less ideology and a lot more practical dedication of getting the job done,” U.S. Rep. David Price said during the breakfast.

Price said the best cure for a budget deficit is reviving the economy. He said lawmakers need to cut out waste and new taxes aren't out of the question.

“It wasn’t that long ago, we ran surpluses in this budget. We know how to do it. It’s just a matter of mustering the political will,” Price said.

President Barack Obama is expected to unveil his plan to reduce the deficit on Wednesday. It may include reductions in Medicare and Medicaid spending.


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  • Come On_Seriously Apr 12, 2011

    Let's look at this without regard to who 'should' have done it to begin with. Conservative take- the Dems wouldn't do it months ago when it was their job; Liberal take- the republicans were filibustering every move and screaming that the Dems shouldn't have control of the budget because the Reps were going to have control the folowing fiscal year. This said, Blackdog is right. It is a fact that the conservatives added a ton of non-budget social riders, refused compromise as best they could, and reneged on their agreement to a budget weeks ago to try for more. Everyone-both sides-is so far entrenched in ideology that compromise and reasonable action is nearly impossible. People need to move towards the center from both sides (although is is hard to dispute that Reps are leaning further out the window than the Dems).
    Its way past time to move ahead and focus on WHAT is right for everyone and less on WHO is right for a few.

  • whatusay Apr 12, 2011

    The problem is spending.....we don't need higher taxes. All government agencies want their budget increased every year, that's the problem. About 1/2 of these agencies need to be closed. Cut back on foreign aid. Stop giving billions to Brazil to drill oil in the Gulf and deny American oil companies permits to dril.

    Cut the number of government employees whose only job is to keep bankrupting America.

  • whatusay Apr 12, 2011

    Hey Brad Miller, Americans are embarrassed from what they have seen in Washington for the past 2 1/2 years, not just the past 2 weeks. We have a run-a-way democrat controlled government whose only goal is to bankrupt America.

  • short Apr 12, 2011

    Hey blackdog - what is all this dribble you are posting? Here's a fact - yo usay raise taxes 3% is a fix? Guesswhat - we can raise taxes 100% and we are still not close to paying off our debt...get it? It's time to slay the beast called Government.

  • short Apr 12, 2011

    Price and Miller are a joke - it was their 111th congress w/ that schrill Nancy at the helm that failed to complete their MOST BASIC of responsibilities - create a budget. Also David - cutting spending is best for a budget - not just a reviving economy. The democratic model of spend-spend-spend is broken. Our congress people are like junkies - instead of a drug - they are hooked on other people's money.

  • mep Apr 12, 2011

    Brad Miller will not stop spending other peoples money until his district is re-drawn, and he is voted out of office. He will not be missed.

    If the Republicans drove this country into the ditch... the Democrats had union workers dig that ditch even deeper, shoved the car further down, while the administration filled it with borrowed dollars, and Obama set it all on fire.

  • stevee2 Apr 12, 2011

    Here we go again Blackdog,
    You provoke some interesting thought, but you really aren't for all of America, are you? You are only an advocate for people that think like you! From reading your posts lately I take it that you must be on the government dole. Am I correct? And finally, please spare us the 10 cent words, you only come off looking pompous and bombastic.

  • Alex25 Apr 12, 2011


  • 5Rs Apr 12, 2011

    "Now, the direction of this Planatary economic ditch IS getting better" - blackdog

    Not really. An economy being propped up on the back of excessive government spending and borrowing is anything but strong. Where is the innovation that drove the '70s, '80s and '90s? Where is the strong opportunity? Driven to the more business-friendly, less stifling countries by excessive Government impediments.

  • 5Rs Apr 12, 2011

    "I think Americans are right to feel very angry about what they see going on in Washington the last week or two,” U.S. Rep. Brad Miller said"

    We are angry not for the last week or two, but for the last ten years of outrageous spending and waste. Oh, Brad Miller has been a Congressman for the last ten years and voted for every Spending bill? He still doesn't get it.