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Raleigh concerned state will pass roadway expenses to cities

Posted March 4, 2011
Updated March 5, 2011

— City leaders say they are concerned about rumors that the state, faced with a $2.4 billion budget deficit, might pass the responsibility for taking care of state roadways on to cities.

“If we were asked to look after all the state roads with no funding, it would be a very, very substantial burden on us,” Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said Friday. “It would be tens of millions of dollars a year, which we currently don’t have.”

The City Council passed a resolution this week saying they can’t take care of state roads without funding.

“Even if it were a good idea, it would just be the wrong time to do it,” state Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake, said.

Stam, the House majority leader, said Republican legislative leaders have heard Raleigh’s concerns.

“I haven’t heard from a single person that that’s a good idea, but I should caution you, I don’t hear everything,” Stam said Friday.

The Raleigh City Council’s resolution is being distributed to municipalities statewide by the North Carolina League of Municipalities.

Road Funding Raleigh concerned state will pass roadway expenses to cities

Raleigh has benefited from state-funded road improvements in the past year.

A $2 million state project paid for improvements to the Five Points area on Glenwood Avenue.

In addition, a $9 million state project completed last year transformed Hillsborough Street from four lanes into a two-lane avenue with on-street parking. The project included several roundabouts between Oberlin Road and Gardner Street.

“It just took a long time, but I like the traffic circles,” North Carolina State University student Michelle Smith said of the roundabouts, which are near campus. “I do like them, as long as other people know how to use them.”


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  • joshharris73 Mar 4, 2011

    Nicely put coolwill43. I witness more wasted money being spent by the NCDOT in almost every commute that it makes my blood boil. Take the 401 expansion....which has been paying NCDOT employees salaries for how many years now? Come on now...the rest of us are under the gun to quit loafing...what gives NCDOT??? Why can't you use money wisely and actually get projects done??? Have to keep people employed and justify their positions so you drag out projects by paying them to do busywork like I witnessed today - > spreading rocks with shovels in a drainage dithes instead of actually building a road???

  • coolwill43 Mar 4, 2011

    you want to save money (illegal- IM.......)

  • RWDJ Mar 4, 2011

    well if they would stop "fixing" road that are not broken. we recently struggled through a repaving job on Airport Blvd and the on ramp to aviation parkway. 1) there was NOTHING wrong with these roads, Thus wasted time and resources.
    2) they took 2 months to do what amounted to about 1/4 miles of total road way. Complete inefficiency. Wasted payroll and time that could have been spent elsewhere.
    Now I know these roads are not in Raleigh, but this job was under taken by NCDOT. And I am sure there are dozens if not HUNDREDS of roads and projects just like this

  • hp277 Mar 4, 2011

    We need to raise the gas tax and take care of the roads right.

    If we can absorb a 30 cent price increase in 2 weeks that's doing nothing but paying for Saudi palaces, we can afford another nickel a gallon to take care of roads here.

  • mep Mar 4, 2011

    Even WITH one of the highest gas taxes in the east.... but on the other hand, we do have a whole lot of roads, and a HUGE budget gap we can not afford to ignore. So it looks like our roads are not going to get any better.... DEAL WITH IT!
    People are going to have to chose which services they can live without, and people will suffer.... 2.5 BILLION dollars does not grow on trees, and we cant just print it either.

  • Gatsby Mar 4, 2011

    Bev and her cronies will do anything to keep free childcare programs like smart start & more @ 4. These are the same people who have wasted millions on busing over the last 50 years while accomplishing nothing but lowering education for all students & wasting precious diesel fuel which now cost $4 gallon.

    Cut the freebies/Fix the roads...Using the old "Its for the children" excuse is stale & outdated.