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Perdue defends Etheridge's new job

Posted February 8, 2011

— Former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge has a new job overseeing North Carolina’s share of the federal stimulus program, but critics are questioning whether the job is necessary.

Gov. Bev Perdue last week appointed the Democrat to replace Dempsey Benton, who departed his position at the Office of Economic Recovery and Investment in November.

Money will go through the program through at least 2012, but nearly 80 percent of the recovery funds have already been spent.

“From my perspective, the job is very necessary,” Perdue said Tuesday, adding that the position also oversees projects already under way.

“I've got to have somebody in that shop that is watching every single report that comes in from the 80 percent of grantees that have already gotten money,” she added. “This is big stuff. North Carolina doesn't have $10 billion if something goes wrong.”

Bob Etheridge Perdue defends Etheridge's new job

Etheridge will oversee how the money is dispersed and make sure projects under contract are getting done. He defended his position Tuesday.

“Certainly, with those kind of dollars flowing, you want to make sure they are appropriated properly and managed the way they should be,” he said. “Twenty percent of about $13 billion is over $2 billion. That’s a lot of money.”

Etheridge was ousted from Congress in November by Republican challenger Renee Ellmers. He will earn a salary of approximately $98,000 per year in his new job.


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  • logitech Feb 9, 2011

    he said. “Twenty percent of about $13 billion is over $2 billion. That’s a lot of money.”
    Well we know, now what he is getting payed for doing his new job.

  • whatusay Feb 9, 2011

    Has anything positive happened in NC state government since 2008? Has anything positive happened in the Federal government since 2008? Can the GOP save the state, and the nation?

  • tapes37352 Feb 9, 2011

    Let's work to make her a 1 term governor! Etheridge is a joke. It will contribute nothing for a fat political payoff.

  • whatusay Feb 9, 2011

    cunhell29, can you let us know where the funds for his salary came from??? You say you know, but won't tell us..!!!

  • chrissyp49 Feb 9, 2011

    I cannot believe that the governor has given this man a job and yet she is raising taxes and lowering salaries left and right of government employees because we are millions in debt, yet she has found some $$$,$$$ to pay for this "newly arranged job". WOW, I wonder what else this governor has up her sleeve. She is very slippery when it comes to these things.

  • lindakcreech Feb 9, 2011


  • cunhell29 Feb 9, 2011

    I'm not a big fan of "BEV'S but has anybody done the home work on where these funds for his salary are coming from. One might try a little research on same. I have, half the people here are talking out there ---. Do your research then maybe you will have a viable argument. Ethridge was not here first choice, Do your research and find out who it was you might be shocked. Politics has and will be a who you know game want change. Bet if you looked in Elmers back ground you will find political contacts there to. Q

  • Eduardo1 Feb 9, 2011

    babedan..check the posting by pappybigtunal.
    And sho knows what will be under the table!

  • pappybigtuna1 Feb 9, 2011

    let's really look at this - $98,000.00 per year + 6.75% Social Security + $6615.00, Medical insurance portion paid by the state = $8400.00; Retirement paid by the state = $12250.00, office and clerical staff = $88000.00 per year. It only comes to $213,265.00 per year as "A BEAN COUNTER" What id going on?
    This ain't nanner pudding at grammies house Bev, and you said there was a hiring freeze on

  • danielhoneycutt Feb 9, 2011

    this job is covering up something. Etheridge knows something about Perdue that she doesn't want to get out. This is a tax payer coverup. The idea of having someone oversee spending, is this not Perdue's job to manage the money for the state.